This is a personal website, intended to tie in with the profile on the website of Queen's University Belfast. It will be further and gradually developed.

For listing of my publications see 'Publications' section, or visit my Google Scholar Citations page. I also maintain profiles @ LinkedIn and @ Academia. You can find me on Twitter (@martyniszyn), where I tweet about various legal developments in my fields of interest.

If you wonder how to pronounce my last name, it reads like 'Martynishyn' using the normal rules of pronunciation. I hope you will find it helpful.

Keywords related to my research: competition law, international economic law, antitrust, competition policy, extraterritorial jurisdiction, extraterritoriality, EU law, European law, competition policy, international public law, law & economics, global governance, international economics, cartels, export cartels, state immunity, act of state doctrine, non-justiciability, political question doctrine, foreign sovereign compulsion, international cooperation in competition regulation, transnational litigation, international networks, leniency, leniency plus, amnesty plus.
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