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The Buildings of  Saffron Walden, by Martyn Everett and Donald Stewart Harts 2004.

The Ancient Market Town of Saffron Walden is remarkable for the many fine and unusual buildings that have survived the ravages of time and modernisation. This beautifully illustrated volume provides a carefully researched description of many of the best and most prominent of these buildings. 


Saffron Walden: A Pictorial History.  Phillimore, 1998

Saffron Walden, an ancient market town, was an Anglo-Saxon community transformed by the Normans who moved the local market to Walden from Newport in 1141. The Tudor period brought increasing prosperity and a change of name with cultivation of saffron and, though the Victorians rebuilt much of the Tudor town, much of it still survives.
  "There have now been four such books on Saffron Walden; this is the best."  Essex Journal 


War and Revolution : the Hungarian Anarchist Movement in World War I and the Budapest Commune, 1919.  Kate Sharpley Library, 2006.

The Budapest Commune of 1919 has been neglected by the historians of anarchism, yet it provides an important and fascinating case study of the anarchist movement at a crucial historical moment. We can see how and why anarchist fortunes declined after the end of the First World War, as anarchist organisations fused with marxist parties, or were crushed by proto-fascism.


Saffron Walden and the English Civil War, Ragged Robin Press, 1994  







A Short History of Political Violence in Britain.  Martyn Everett, 1991.  Reprinted in Vernon Richards Anarchism and Violence, Freedom Press, 1993.

"Martyn Everett's exemplary A Short History of Political Violence in Britain reminds us how, as far back as the Norman Conquest, the state - itself built on violence - historically always reacts with violence when threatened, even in a so-called democracy, even against non-violent opposition"