Dance Workshops

I offer a broad range of these. They're based on the knowledge and experience I've built up from a large variety of sources.  

Cotswold Morris

I've been a dancer with 3 morris sides and foreman for Crook Morris since I started that side. 
I'm keen that morris is danced with attitude, style and a flourish!

Border Morris

I've written a couple of pretty different border dances and I believe that dancers should deliver this dance form with the heartiness that you see from the likes of The Shropshire Bedlams, The Witchmen, Alvechurch, Bogart's Breakfast and Beltane.

Knickers In The Hedgerow.mts

Beginners' Rapper

Thirty years of rapper dancing mean that I have a decent picture of the main aspects in this exciting traditional dance. That's good stepping,  how best to handle your sword and how to avoid the pitfalls and tips on clean presentation.

Sailor's Hornpipe

This solo dance is in danger of disappearing. Captain James Cook encouraged his men to dance when the Endeavour was becalmed. As well as general folk dancing they danced a hornpipe with figures depicting the tasks performed aboard ship - climbing the rigging, hoisting slack rope , rations and several others. 
At this present time I only know of Simon Harmer (Southsea) performing this dance in public. He dances a very different version.

Here is a link to the printed music notation. Also 2 written notations for the version of the dance that I do. One is quite basic the second has far more detail.                                       

Sailors Hornpipe.mts

I recently got an e-mail request from Pauline Woods Wilson the new Morris Federation President. "How would you feel about producing a video record of The Sailors' Hornpipe with some history and other relevant information for the Lockdown Jigs in the federation 'Isolation Instructionals'. Well I said yes and here's the link to it. I'm indebted to Jen Wilson for playing the snippets for the figure sections, to Frank Lee who plays the music that I've used for the full dance and also to Sally Smith who is clearly a video magician to take my home videos and produce such a professional end product.

Fallibroome Dances

Fallibroome dances were collected from the English Dancing Master by Bernard Bentley who lived in a Cheshire house called Fallibroome, hence the name . In awe of the dance masters of the day he scoured the Dancing Master for gems that had slipped under the radar. Often these included lively dances with great style and lift. He then wrote a small series of new gorgeous dances that are a real challenge for the dancer.

Scottish Dances

Reels and Strathspeys, Jigs and Polkas. I've built a select repertoire of gems that showcase the breadth and fun of these Caledonian dances.

American Contras

I had half a dozen fairly standard American dances which I've used in my ceilidh repertoire for a good few years. Then about 10 years ago I became aware of the explosion in the UK of this longways driving dance style and did some further research. A few years further down the line and my repertoire had grown to about 80 and now I've been lucky enough to get bookings for a few specialist club nights and dances. These have included Alcester Contras with 'The English Contra Dance Band' and Hawk Green Folk Dance Group with 'Vertical Expression'. Music that stirs the soul coupled with dances that flow, twist and weave producing nights of joy, excitement and much laughter.

Playford, Apted and Magot Pie

I was schooled by experts Pat Shuldham Shaw, Ken Alexander, Tom Cook, John Lagden and David Anderton.
Then I had the luck to experience an EFDSS instructional dance weekend course with Nibs Mathews. 

Dances that flow
There is a distinct pleasure in those gems of dances where the writer has a first rate understanding of dance. One move flows into the next, as you complete a move the next person for you is just there and it all becomes effortless. About 20 dances stand out that have this wonderful quality.

Dances with a Twist

As I've demonstrated with several of my own dances this is a workshop that features those dances that are that bit out of the ordinary.

Lake District Dances

There seem to be only a few genuine dances recorded from this glorious part of England. I started with 3 then realised that my own also must qualify and then found a few more. Now I have enough to run one workshop but it does have a unique style.


Over the last couple of years I've looked into these dances from the 19th century, how they developed and changed as "Quadrille Fever" swept the world from France to England (The Lancers), the Balkans, the Carribean and the USA.