Other workshops

As one of England’s top ceilidh callers I am very keen to help new callers on their path. Short workshops at festivals are fine but are only likely to scratch the surface of the needs of this particular skill. The Callers’ Workshop Days run by Albireo at Poynton, Cheshire was my brainchild and I’m pleased that it proved popular and clearly met a need. 

Festival Calling
At a very different level this is for those who aspire to call for festivals need a whole gamut of extra and slightly different skills. This is a workshop aimed at people who have started to work with more than one band, perhaps have called for a morris weekend and feel ready to this step up, with a little help!
Dance Writing 
With an appreciation of moves that flow well I can help take a plethora of ideas, select the best parts and see which work best together. This skill means that everyone in a group can go away from a single workshop with one or two new and worthwhile dances.

Part of a callers stock in trade is knowing how and what will work on stage. The minute you are on stage you are a performer and some showmanship will come to the fore. Some people are good at telling jokes, others are better with witty one liners, what can you do to pull your audience in. This is useful for stage performers, ceilidh callers and even morris sides. With experience of children's events, small family parties, ceilidhs with nearly 1,000 dancers, announcing for a morris side and outdoor events I've an extensive range of experience that can help you identify what you can do best and what is best to avoid !