Dance Books

After several years at ceilidhs experiencing the same dances over and over I felt that I was getting stale and even a bit bored. The initial solution was to write a couple of my own which I enjoyed and it seemed that dancers enjoyed them as well so I kept writing. 3 years later and I had  enough self penned dances to publish my first book of 16 dances called ‘Night Of The Fight’. ‘Ceilidh Dances For 21st Century’  with 20 dances followed a few years later. The trilogy was completed with the 22 dances in ‘Let’s Dance’.
Oh dear ! The trilogy has grown into a quartet with 'The Good, The Bad and the ???' 21 more dances and a feature on a belting good dance from another caller Fiona Rigg.  
  • Night of the Fight (16 dances)
  • Ceilidh Dances for the 21st Century (20 dances)
  • Let's Dance (22 dances)
  • The Good, The Bad and the ??? ! ( 22 dances) 2016 and selling well !
  • That's 80 dances in total, I'm amazed.