Ceilidhs are simply fabulous fun. They're great for all ages, hugely sociable,  very interactive and good exercise! There’s nothing better than a sea of happy smiling faces on a dance floor and the caller's role is pivotal.


I’m known nationally as a caller for a whole range of events. I regularly do ceilidhs open to the public, private family celebrations - weddings, birthday celebrations or anniversaries. I'm lucky to get booked for specialist Ceilidh Clubs with top bands, Morris weekends and a plethora of Folk Festivals from small intimate gatherings to the most renowned and that’s from ’Flash ceilidhs’ to Late Night Extras on a main stage.


The last 10 years have even seen a few trips to Brittany calling English ceilidhs for enthusiastic French anglophiles! 

Open Ceilidhs

Friday 8th February:                                        Phoenix Ceilidhs, Adlington Nr Chorley with 
                                                                            The Jam & Crumpet Band.
Saturday 13th April                                          Crook Morris 'Spring Fling' Kendal Parish Hall LA9 5AF. 
                                                                            The Macaroon Ceilidh Band with callers Dan Mason and MCH.
                                                                            The Kendal Revellers, Crook Morris and a free drink ! E-Mail me                                                                                    about tickets.
Friday 24th - 27th May                                    Chester Folk Festival. Kelsall nr Chester CHW6 0RS.                                                                                                          festival@chesterfolk.org.uk www.chesterfolk.org.uk                                                                                                        Ticket information 07005 977045                                                                                                                                          2 ceilidhs with  The Time Bandits and  Cock  & Bull Band. 
                                                                            Plus one or two workshops.
Friday 25th - Sunday 28th July                       Warwick Folk Festival - 40th year. Saturday night ceilidh with the                                                                                ever dynamic and powerful Glorystrokes.
Friday 2nd - Sunday 4th August                    Lake District Folk Weekend. Saturday ceilidh with the sublime                                                                                        Dance Cupola. 
Monday 5th - Friday 9th August                    Sidmouth Folk Week. Children's festival which is always a joy and                                                                                maybe more to come.
Saturday 17th - Friday 23rd August              Whitby Folk Week. I'm very excited by all Charley Roberts new                                                                                    plans for the development of the dance aspect of Whitby.  
                                                                            My exact involvement isn't fully confirmed as yet but I will be there                                                                             and working in some capacity. Details will follow soon.
Friday 6th - Sunday 8th September               Bromyard Folk Festival. Saturday night with the driving and                                                                                       exhilarating Relentless Ceilidh Band.

Private Parties

A ceilidh is an excellent way of celebrating many events. Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries all tend to have an audience with a broad range of ages who want to be able to fully enjoy the night. What is tremendous is that the people sitting and chatting get the pleasure of great music, a happy atmosphere and the chance to watch their friends and family having a hoot on the dance floor. Is there a better way of celebrating these events?                      

I don't think so.

Martyn Harvey calling for a wedding                             

Ceilidh Clubs

For dance enthusiasts there are clubs where the organisers book the very best bands and callers. It's where the dances on offer may challenge the dancer a little more than a wedding ceilidh. The skill comes from the caller who will choose a programme that gathers the newer dancers at the start of the night but then develops the night. This gradually builds the skill and ability of the dancers. The best callers are in demand because they have this skill. 



Morris Weekends

Well I am a morris dancer and so I appreciate that after a hard day's dancing you want fun, plenty of laughs and nothing too taxing. Carlisle Sword & Clog, Flag Crackers Of Craven, Crook Morris (of course!), Shrewsbury Morris, Black Adder Clog Morris (B'Ham) and many others have happily given me that responsibility confident that they can relax in the knowledge that I'll deliver what they want.


From small local events to the most major UK celebrations I'm known as a caller who has a massive repertoire, selects ideal programmes and from small 'Flash Ceilidhs' to Late Night Extras with hundreds of dancers I can pitch the style and the content to give the best atmosphere. Festivals I've done more than once include Upton, Shepley, Chester, Chippenham, Furness Tradition, Warwick, Sidmouth, Whitby, Shrewsbury, Towersey and Bromyard. 


I've made four visits to Brittany over the last dozen years to perform at 'The Big Ceilidh'. 2017 was the fifth ! At the end of March and in a different village, this time with the wondrous Hekety. The event is run by Rachel Goodwin and Herve Drean but the invitation to the caller comes from the booked band. It's great thanks from me to Florida and Trinculo that these opportunities came my way. A full on weekend where dancing starts about 11am and doesn't finish until 1am ! 

Walk throughs are explained in French and the calling is also in French. So it's definitely a challenge but they're lovely people, keen on English dances, love to dance well and ready to fall about laughing at the dance, themselves and certainly at the caller!