EURO Tcl 2008

The 7th European TCL/TK Users Meeting 


Here we all (Well not the photographer) are in front of the IGBMC building, I have taken a copy of this photo and annotated it with a small tool I have developed (in TCL ;-), the executables and kits (tclkit and etcl).

 The information is stored in a second JPEG comment metadata.

 I use tclkit 8.4.12 so any more recent version should work.

 Starkit for Windows and Linux 

Etclkit for Windows and Linux and Macosx 

Windows Starpack 

Linux Starpack  (The .LNX extension is for my generation on Windows)

Just move the mouse around on the photo to see who is who !! 

Use the mousewheel or +/- to change the zoom level.

There is a small right-click context menu.


string map {# @ b a}