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The life and times of A.B. (Woody) Woodhall -Lieutenant Royal  Marines to Group Captain R.A.F. 1916-1945

These pages are a synopsis  of known details of the life of Alfred Basil Woodhall - there are many missing portions and help and contact from friends or relatives would be greatly appreciated.    Contact:

January 9, 1897 - Born Laburnun Cottage, Kirkby-in-Furness to Clara Woodhall (nee Richards) and Job Woodhall (Sharebroker)

He had a brother Herbert Woodhall b. 1890 d. about 1949. Younger sisters Mabel Woodhall (Mabel Denver ?) and Dorothy Woodhall (Dorothy Stanbury ?) . Nieces Frieda Woodhall, Peggy Woodhall (Peggy Brayshaw) -  Contact with any family members or descendants sought  - Please Email 

About 1913 - Corporal in South African Defence Force. Worked passage to England aboard SS Ingoma mid 1915 in order not to "miss the war"

August 1915 - enlisted in Manchester University Officer Training Unit.

January 1916 - Joined Royal marine Light Infantry - short-term commission as Subaltern- see following page>