Martin Valencia Design

Turning a raw Aspen piece in my Longmont, Colorado wood shop

Welcome to Martin Valencia Design!

Marty Valencia grew up on a trout farm in La Salle, Colorado.

His love of the outdoors was reflected in his hobbies of photography, drawing, painting and most recently wood-turning.

Always a natural handyman, Marty began woodworking with a 1970’s Shop-smith given to him by his father-in-law. He built cabinetry, custom shelves, and embraced any project which would allow him the peace and satisfaction of turning raw materials into beautiful, functional pieces.

After taking a wood-turning class he discovered an inner passion for working on a lathe, turning what began as a hobby into a profitable business venture.

Marty’s diverse creations include exotic woods as well as reclaimed natural Colorado woods such as Aspen and Walnut. As with any sculpture, touch and hold the piece, feel the texture of a live edge, see the unique qualities of each grain pattern. He hopes you enjoy his creations and are able to select the perfect gift or perhaps a piece for your own home.

Please visit:

Dancing Grains Woodworks

1541 Pearl Street Boulder, CO


Opening November 17-2020


364 Main St. Longmont, CO


Beetle Kill Pine

Aspen with Yellow and Red Finish

Walnut live edge


Home Gallery

Walnut with White Tail deer antler. 14" X 4.5" $950.00