Warm Mix Asphalt 

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Benefits of WMA

Warm Mix Asphalt technologies use technological advances that allow a reduction in the mixture temperature while improving the workability and compaction when compared to hot mix asphalt. These properties allow for many other benefits, including a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, decreased energy consumption and costs, improved working conditions, better compaction, extended paving season, higher reclaimed asphalt content, earlier opening to traffic, etc. The benefits can be placed in four categories (click to read more):

Environmental Benefits
Production Paving

Production technology

TechnologiesWMA technologies rely on temporary or permanent alteration of binder properties or modification of bitumen-aggregate interaction. The market currently consists of three different production techniques that can be found individually or in combination with each other:
*Foaming techniques.
*Organic or wax additives.
*Chemical additives.


Mix Design Considerations

Mix Design
Warm Mix Asphalt has been used in all types of asphalt materials, including dense graded, stone mastic, porous, and mastic asphalt.There are, however, some considerations regarding WMA design procedures that may be different from HMA and should be taken into account to ensure performance equal to that of Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA). Read more...