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Research projects

Total attracted funding (leader of applications for research projects + scholarships) of 1,174,000 EUR. 


100% recycled asphalt and the use of rejuvenators. 2011-2014. Worcester Polytechnic Institute Internal Research Project. Executed at: Worcester Polytechnic Institute, US. Funding: 133,000 EUR. Role: project leader. 

100% asphalt recycling as a business. 2014-2015. Green Technology Incubator. Funding: 10,000 EUR. Executed at: Green Technology Incubator, Riga. Role: project leader.

Sustainable fully recycled asphalt concrete. 2015-2018. Switzerland Federal office for the environment project. Funding 840,000 EUR. Executed at: EMPA, Switzerland. Role: consultant. 

Hot Mix Asphalt Intermediate Layer with RAP, Rejuvenator and Warm Mix Asphalt Technology. 2014-2015. Maine DOT funded research project. Executed at: Worcester Polytechnic Institute, US. Role: consultant.

New “Intelligent” Nano - Composite Materials for Roads, Bridges, Buildings and Transport Vehicle. 2013-2015. EC Framework 7 project No. 2013/0025/1DP/ Funding: 470,000 EUR. Executed at: Riga Technical University. Role: researcher.

Prediction of the dynamics of development permanent deformations for Warm Mix Asphalt and life cycle analysis. 2011-2013. Latvian Council of Science Project No.Z.11.1838, Funding: 54,000 EUR. Executed at: Riga Technical University. Role: project leader. 

Resistance of asphalt mixture against plastic deformations. 2007-2015. Latvian State Roads „Research programme on new technologies", Executed at: Riga Technical University. Role: scientific assistant.

Jaunas tehnoloģijas izstrāde ceļu seguma sagatavošanā samazinot siltumnīcefekta gāzu emisiju, 2010-2011. Klimata pārmaiņu finanšu instrumenta projekts No. KPFI-2/29. Funding: 300,000 EUR. Executed at: A Pieci. Role: technical director. 

Development of a New Asphalt Concrete Composite Material and Shear Strength Testing Technology by Finding Useful Utilization for By-products of Steel Industry and Dolomite Quarries, 2010-2013. European Regional Development Fund Project No. 2010/0254/2DP/ Funding: 242,000 EUR. Executed at: Riga Technical University. Role: scientist.

Silto asfalta maisījumu tehnoloģiju izspēte izmantojot Latvijā pielietotus izejmateriālus. 2010-2011. RTU fundementālo un lietišķo pētījumu projekts No. ZP-2010/1. Funding: 3,000 EUR. Executed at: Riga Technical University. Role: project leader. 

The use of steel slag and dolomite quarry waste products for road construction applications, 2011-2012. Latvian State Roads „Research programme on new technologies", Executed at: Riga Technical University. Role: scientific assistant.