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Sustainability at the core of road construction! This is my motto and I strive to this goal through researching asphalt recycling, the use of waste materials and warm mix asphalt. I have authored many scientific publications where, through exploring the fundamental material-related aspects, I present practice-oriented solutions to bring sustainability to practitioners. To increase adaption of these technologies I have worked closely with multiple road administrations to improve road specifications, particularly towards introducing performance-based approach in mixture design and quality control. Implementation of new technologies also depends on their acceptance in society and among practitioners, therefore I communicate my findings actively through videos and I have presented in TED conference. In 2016 I received the International Road Federation award for best research for the work on 100% asphalt recycling. I received PhD as a Fulbright scholar at WPI, Massachusetts. Before that I pursued Master’s thesis at TU Denmark and received BSc degree at TU Riga.


- Worldwide leader in research on 100% hot asphalt recycling
- Winner of International Road Federation Global Road Achievements Award 2016
- TED conference presenter
- Author of 76 peer-reviewed publications, see a list on Google Scholar
- More than 48,000 views of YouTube channel videos on sustainable asphalt technologies
- 5.57 million EUR in research grants (see list)
- Fulbright fellow (US Department of State scholarship for studies in the US)
- Talks at many international conferences (see list)
- Consultant of industry projects to implement sustainable asphalt production practices 
- Research projects for road administrations in Latvia, Switzerland, Canada and the US 
- Member of RILEM
- Supervisor of four undergrad, two Masters and two PhD thesis
- Scientific committee member of multiple conferences

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