Elementary Trace Fossils

A small ditty to the tune of Tom Lehrer's 'The Elements ' (to the tune of something else from a musical, I think)

As performed in Dorset, 2006


 Caulostrepsis, Entobia, and echinoid borings;

Trypanites, Tredolites, Thassinoides burrows.

Planolites, Astericites and a lorenzinia - 

Gastrochaenoelites and related genera

There's diplocrateria that dug to stay anoxic

Arenicolites lined with defecations toxic

Skolithos so straight where the planolites are wiggling

Astericites the places where a starfish was a-sitting in


Psilonichus, Macanopsis, Ophiomora, Phylodés,

The rhizocorallium a trace that went all sideways

Spiroraphe Cosmoraphe Helminthoida feeding pits

And the hardest one to say: Taphrelminthropsis


These are all the fossils that we've come to know and love

Examining them closely with the bottoms of our bums!