Villa Paulos, situated at No. 16A Jalan Mariamah, 80100 Johor Bahru, Johor is a house which was donated by Madam Goh Lum Eng to the Titular Roman Catholic, Melaka Johor Diocese. This Home is being initiated by the Melaka Johor Diocesan Office of Human Development (hereinafter referred to as "MJDOHD") and the Society of St. Vincent De Paul (hereinafter referred to as "SSVP") of the Church of Immaculate Conception (hereinafter referred to as "CIC") of No. 9 Jalan Gereja, 80100 Johor Bahru, Johor and plans to cater for children who have been abandoned and/or abused and neglected children from families who for some reason are unable to care for their children. The SSVP of CIC felt a need to cater for these children consisting of their adoptees and other deserving children. Villa Paulos would be funded by MJDOHD and by donations from sponsoring organisations, individuals and funds raised by members of the SSVP, CIC, Johor Bahru, Johor through various fund‑raising activities held periodically‑





Villa Paulos is a non‑profit organisation committed to assisting children, without racial or religious distinction (except Muslims), who have lost their parent(s) through death, have been abandoned, abused and/or neglected and to help them become healthy, upright and productive citizens.





Villa Paulos will be a Christian home that operates on the belief that each child should have the opportunity to live a meaningful life in a loving and caring environment.


Villa Paulos believes that the effective treatment and care of each individual child focuses on the entire person and facilitates physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.



1.4      GOALS


Villa Paulos will be established primarily to meet the needs of children in difficult situations. Villa Paulos therefore has established the following goals so as to meet this purpose:‑


•    Maintain a family‑type of setting where children can develop into emotionally sound and secure persons.

•    Promote family preservation through facilitating the speedy return of children to their natural families whenever it is possible.

•    Provide children with increased capacity for meaningful relationships with peers, family and adults.

•    To maintain a healthy working relationship with the local community and to establish and maintain linkages and collaborate with other private and public agencies in order to enhance the quality of services provided by Villa Paulos.

•    Establish and maintain an array of quality assessment, treatment, counselling and social work services to meet the need of each child, regardless of age or behaviour.

•    Establish and maintain a system to continually improve the skill, knowledge, morale and efficacy of Villa Paulos staff.

•    Ensure continual training of relevant skills, knowledge and efficiency of staff.

Can you help?  As a volunteer or donate in kind or cash?


Donation by cheque in favour of "Villa  Paulos"

Mail the cheque to: 16A, Jalan Mariamah, 80100 Johor Bahru


Note: Donation of RM500-00 and above (or accumulation of RM500-00 and above within 1 calendar year) will be exempted from Income Tax.