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The Razor Fleet

Clean Shaven Admirals get more Ships!

Yes folks! Got some old plastic razors that are beyond their best? Then send 'em beyond the stars! 28mmMan's scratchbuild space fleet competition led me to remember an experiment with some plastic consumables. An old brand of disposable razors had a 'diamond' cross-hatch pattern to improve grip, and that alone was enough to make me consider - would such a pattern serve to suggest some sort of sophisticated, angled armour, covering the hull of a starship? I must have placed these old razors in my bits box, because that's where I found them, and, with the addition of a few odds and sods from said container, here's what came out...

Tremble with terror, space follicles! 

Here's another ship of the fleet, this time undercoated in straight black. I'm oddly tempted to leave it so, and simply use white detailing to pick out areas and define shapes. After all, why would pirates advertise their presence? 

Sinister black piratey ship sighted, Captain!

Above: A perfectly innocent, used razor, uncertain of its fate...

That's some boom stick under the nose of that Twinblade Class Line Battleship. In amorphous gaming terms, the Razor Fleet ships have no shields, but rely on armour to see them through. Fond of a 'Yamato' approach to combat, the usual Razor tactic is to accelerate hell-for-leather straight at the enemy line, and fire the keel-mounted shaft cannons at optimum range. Side-mounted batteries fend off the retaliation of any survivors, before the fleet swings around for a second pass.

Well, that's the theory at any rate!
I imagine the Razor Fleet as something of a pirate enterprise. No doubt their hulls are carrying assault pods and shuttles to pick off the choice booty and prisoners from their latest act of free-market unpleasantness. 

Shot from a different angle. Huge, gaping exhaust ports! A design flaw...?