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Cybermen from Eldar

Now, here's some chaps I have been shamefully neglecting for some time; these are my converted Cybermen, created from Citadel Miniatures' Eldar Guardians, some Necron guns, and the heads from the original, fixed-posed 25mm Cybermen released for FASA's Doctor Who: The Roleplaying Game back in the 1980's.

These mechanical men with hearts of steel, (and occasional gooey bits also,) were very simple to build, and even simpler to paint - a few passes of Tamiya Chrome Silver, sprayed straight from the can over a black undercoat, followed by a black wash. Citadel Goblin Green picks out the power feed cables, and black 'ears' on the Cyberleader finished the job in a couple of hours.

Here we see the Cyberleader up close. And what's that lying half-buried in the alien mud before his feet? Could it be an unwelcome trigger for some artificially suppressed memory of a half-dreamed, long-lost life...?