What is Martin's Models?


Its not you, its me...
Martin's Models is an online showcase of the many and varied things that have emerged from my painting table, my iMac, and from the unidentifed thing living in my skull, which scientists and my psychologist  insist is my brain, but I know better...
It is also a collection of information that I decided, for better or worse, to share with the gaming and modelling communities around the world. Every now and then, you may run afoul of my political and social platforms, and for that, I apologise. I will do my best to avoid pontification, (wait, isn't that when they make you the Pontif? I'd better avoid that too...) but hope you will forgive your host when I stray onto the soapbox.

Martin for Hire
On a more practical note, you will find information on my professional painting and modelling services, which you can commission to bring your models and miniatures to life. I'll have a page dedicated to my commission work very soon, complete with downloadable PDF's detailing my cost structure.
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