Welcome to Martin's Models!

Welcome to Martin's Models! this will be an occasional collection of the models, miniatures, scenery and gaming systems created by Martin Evans. Here, you will discover wargaming miniatures from history and the imagination.

Soon, you'll be able to buy quality, unique lasercut scenery items and miniatures from Martin's Models! Keep watching for more details. 

Rules-wise, you'll find my alternate World War Two space-combat setting: Sternkrieg 1949, complete with free downloads of counters, and other fun stuff!
Stay tuned!

Thursday, January 27th 2016

It's been a dream of mine for some time now: An easy to play game set in the universe of Doctor Who, the BBC's long-running science-fiction drama. Now, there are a number of unofficial Doctor Who wargames rules to be found already, and still more adaptations of established rules sets - so, why not just use one of those? Why, raw, insatiable ego, of course!

After years of flipping through rulebooks, any wargamer worth their dice collection contemplates writing their own rules, or, at least, modifying an existing set. Me, I've always wanted to have a go at writing a sci-fi game that reflects what I regard as the most essential quality of any game - does it give the players the sense that the troops they are commanding reflect the way the 'real' things would behave?

And of course, if we're dealing with the Doctor Who universe, things is a very apt choice of word... 

So, here is a collection of articles, cataloguing the experiences I had creating Exterminate! - a 'grand skirmish' style of multi-player wargame, that blends elements of many of my favourite rules with some innovative inventions, to create a game anyone can play, but few can master - myself included, it seems! 

Over the next few weeks, I'll be revealing details on modelling and painting miniatures and scenery for Exterminate! as well as the design of the game itself. There will also be rules, cards, and templates to download for free. 

As many of you have no doubt guessed from the title of the game, the inspiration for Exterminate! draws heavily on one particular race of evil-doers in the Doctor's universe - so, let's start with them… 

Click here for EXTERMINATE! Part One

Monday, November 2nd 2015
The Hun in the Sun has much more Fun!
For much of the last few months, I've been working away on a project to wargame the Battle of Britain, using 1/100 scale miniatures - mostly from the Axis and Allies: Air Force range. 

It's been an interesting journey, involving childhood memories of Airfix kits, home-made decals, and strange powdered substances. Read all the sordid details here!

Saturday, November 29th
Funny Old Game, Football...
Far too long since I did any updates around here, so here's something that will in no way whatsoever contribute to the reduction of my painting pile. 
It's Subbuteo, but probably not as you remember it!

Follow this link to see where this is all going, but watch for offside!

Tuesday, August 26th
Martin's Martians
Here's a new page full of Martian madness - yes, I finally got some paint on the rather brilliant 15mm scale Tripods from All Quiet on the Martian Front!

And there's a tutorial for making the dreaded Red Weed, too. You lucky people, you!

Wednesday, July 23rd
More Real Estate
Here are some new pics of another example building I've just completed. 

As an experiment, this one was built with the unadorned alley-way side on the right, which allows me to match it alongside its bigger brother, with a narrow alley between. Just the place for a troop of Roughriders to lurk, waiting for a passing tripod!  

Monday, July 21st
PDF instructions for 18mm scale Apartment Ground Floor

My thanks to those of you who have bought a preview copy of the 18mm Apartment kit - the response to the first of this new line has been great! As promised, here is the PDF of the instructions for you to download.  

Sunday, June 22nd

Sneak Peek: 18mm scale Apartment building for All Quiet on the Martian Front
I've been bitten by the Martian bug! Having just ordered the starter set for Alien Dungeon's retro-sci-fi system, All Quiet on the Martian Front, I've decided that a game set in the USA cannot be fought without a pell-mell battle in the middle of downtown [insert name of unfortunate city here]. For that, we need skyscrapers, but preferably not at the prices model railroaders pay... 

So, its off to FabLab, and some experiments into creating cheap real estate with nothing more than MDF, card, and thinly sliced kittens*.

Read on here, and find out about what will soon become the first commercial offering from Martin's Models.

* I may be lying about the kittens. 

Sunday, March 20th

Funny Little Wars review
With the 100th anniversary of the publication of H.G. Wells' Little Wars fast approaching, (2013) I have started a couple of 54mm (1/32) toy soldier armies with which to celebrate the occasion in the proper manner! Padre Paul Wright is of a like mind, and his take on the subject - Funny Little Wars - is my latest addition to my ever-growing rules collection. I've written a review of his work, which you can find here.

Sometime in January...

Happy New Year, all!
I forgot to add this to the front page - More 1/144th scale fun for Star Wars, plus an article about making lightweight, near-indestructible asteroids for gaming and profit... come and see!

Some other time in January

Here at last is an update for the US Space Force for Sternkrieg. The Yanks fight back with their deadly nuclear powered rocket fighter, the SP-15!

Friday, 17th December

Merry Christmas and custard!
I've finally gotten a chance to load up an article on the Nayk Spider Tank from Westwind Productions. Take a look here!

Monday, 15th November

I'm slowly adding some articles and images of past painting and converting projects. Let's start with some Warhammer 40K conversions, inspired by the monsters of my childhood...

Tuesday, 23rd March

There's new pages on the Miniatures section! Check out what I've been doing with old disposable razors for a scratchbuilding competition on The Miniatures Page.

Also, the F-Toys range of 1/144th Star Wars starfighters get the Martin's Models treatment!

Thursday, 30th July
The Gundam page is up, currently with a few of the models from my Gundam collection. These are repaints of the Bandai 1/200th scale HCM range, which are ideal for wargaming!
If you like the idea of wargaming in the Gundam universe, I'd like to recommend Trevor Lemon's excellent rules Mobile Soldier in Action, which are free to download!


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