•  Publications:
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  •  Current Projects:

Uncertainty, complexity, and informational barriers in tariff choice: does numeracy help consumers?(with Helena Szrek).

Consumers preference for simple calling plans: experimental evidence  (with Helena Szrek).

Retail pharmacy market structure and performance: the provision of differentiated services (with Sónia Queirós).

  • Past Projects:
Do consumers prefer simple or complex calling plans? - an experimental study of mobile telecommunications demand. With Steffen Hoernig (FE - Universidade Nova de Lisboa) and Helena Szrek (CETE-FEP/Universidade do Porto). FCT Grant: PTDC/ECO/66075/2006.

Privatisation, Liberalisation and the Portuguese Telecommunications Sector: a Social Cost-benefit Analysis with Natália Monteiro (EEG-Universidade do Minho).

  • Past Conferences:

"Uncertainty, complexity and informational barriers in tariff choice: does numeracy help consumers?" (with Helena Szrek as co-author), 15th CCRP Winter 2013 Workshop, City University of London (24 and 25 January).

"Confusion in cell phone plans choice: how can regulation improve welfare?" (with Helena Szrek as co-author), 8th Amsterdam Center for Law & Economics meeting 2012, University of Amsterdam (20 April).

"The global "digital divide" revisited (2000-2004)", 1st Workshop on the Economics of ICTs, Oporto, March 11th 2010.

"The global "digital divide" revisited (2000-2007)", 19th European Regional Conference of ITS, Rome, September 2008.

“Privatisation, Liberalisation and the Portuguese Telecommunications Sector: a Social Cost-benefit Analysis” with Natália Monteiro (EEG-Universidade do Minho), Seminários Anacom, Lisbon, December 2006.

"Who are the Portuguese "un-telephoned"?, 13th regional conference of the ITS Europe, Madrid, September 2002.

"International differences in telecommunications demand", regional conference of the ITS Europe, September 1999.

“Social welfare loss due to second-best pricing: an application to the Portuguese telecommunications”, XXVth conference of The European Association for Research in Industrial Economics (EARIE), Cpenhagen, August 1998 and also XIVth Jornadas de Economía Industrial, Madrid, September 1998.