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HiQs - A collection of haikus available as a Kindle or paperback book illustrated in color:
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Oregon Coloring Book
A collection of Oregon sketches available as paperback book:
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Indian Belt
A collection of song lyrics in different musical styles available as a Kindle or paperback book:
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Talking Leaves

Autumn winds
in tall trees,
a million messages;
talking leaves...

The Ballad of Crac des Chevaliers

In an arid land across the sea,
a fortress rules the coast,
watching farther than the eye can see
like God's own fingerpost...

My Own Damnation

The branches of a naked tree nearby
began to shake and sing;
a bony moon shone in a pitch black sky;
the station bell began to ding.
I knew then I'd never make it to my destination
and my life would never be the same.
I was waiting for my own damnation
and a train that never came...

Virgil's Story - From Iowa around the World and back
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Martin Teigland