Web 2 and Education
Web 2 systems are developing fast and have great potential in education

Recent educational thinkling is promoting the use of more user centric, participative and collaborative methods.

Web 2 is all about user centric, participative and collaborative methods.

The use of Web 2 in new educational methods seems natural - the right technology at the right time - anyone with access to the Web can create websites, collaborate with others, publish videos, photos, music, articles - there are somany possbilities.

Using web 2 for sharing and collaboration is a "no brainer" - it's natural and much easier than other methods as long as you have good, reliable net access. For example, If you want to collaborate with colleagues using Microsoft Word you have to ensure everyone has the program installed on the computer they are using and then keep emailing the document as an attachment between each other or find some shared file storage area. If you use Google Docs then you can share a document with as many people as you specify in any location - all they need is net access, a browser and a Google account. 

Why not have a go yourself and then try an experiment with a class

Here are some suggestions

Create a website - try Google pages http://pages.google.com

Write a blog - try Wordpress or Blogger

Share a file - try Speedyshare