IT services Projects 2007 2008

Here are some of the things we will be working on during the 2007 - 2008 academic year

Office 2007, Vista, Virtualisation and college laptops at home , Guest laptops on our wireless network, Web 2

Office 2007

We are hoping to introduce this to computers over the course of the year and have a major changeover of all computers by September 2008. 

We have some machines set-up with Office 2007 in the staff IT common rooms at each site and I would recommend that you book a familiarization session with our staff trainers.

We will be starting with volunteers – if you would like to have Office 2007 installed on your computer I would recommend that you please submit a job on the IT services helpdesk and we will make arrangements. We will be getting in touch with everyone during the course of the year.

Some information about Office 2007

I have found Office 2007 a pleasure to use.

We can offer a choice of Office 2007 only or a dual installation of both 2003 and 2007 – I favour the 2007 install only but for staff developing Office teaching materials a dual install would be recommended.

All of our computers should be capable of running Office 2007 but we may need to add extra memory to your computer – we find 1Gb of memory works fine.

Office 2007 “native” file format cannot be read by Office 2003.  On Office 2003 systems we will be installing Office 2007 readers during the year – most student machines will have these installed over the summer. On Office 2007 machines we will be setting the “native” file format to be Office 2003 compatible.


 We are planning a slow and careful introduction of Vista from now through to December 2009. We will be making some machines available in IT common rooms and asking for early volunteers soon. We are planning to install Vista into the Ealing Media COVE during summer 2008 and will develop a plan for other areas as the year progresses. We will be installing Office 2007 with Vista

Some information about Vista

Only our latest computers are capable of running the full Vista set and we will need to upgrade memory to 2Gb to run it properly. All computer purchases since January 2007 have been capable of running Vista but with a memory upgrade.

The main problem with Vista is with the running of our large selection of software – we need to carry out extensive testing with areas before we can commit to a changeover.

College laptops at home

We have had a look at Microsoft's Virtual PC software but found this unsuitable as it piggy backs network connections on the host machine - exactly what we were not lookign for.

We are looking at a dual boot option - select one start up fo use in the college and a second opton for use at home. 

Guest laptops on our wireless network

Late in 2007 we are planning to start phasing in a new wireless network system that will let guest users (students, consultants etc) access the Internet via a portal on our network. I am waiting for 802.11n units to be available before introducing this on a large scale but will use ABG units as necessary. We will start in the Hammersmith LRC and work out across Hammersmith and one other site during 2008. We would hope to have this available across all sites by the summer of 2009.

Information about 802.11n

Web 2

This page is an example of a Web 2 system on the Internet. We have been experimenting with various Web 2 systems on the Internet and will look at some for our own network. We will also be supporting and promoting the use of Web 2 in the college.