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27 June, 2009.
Here's a 4-minute video of my son Martin's ride in the 2009 Banbury Run. At the end there's a brief discussion on how he managed on the 1-in-6.5 (or 14%) Sunrising Hill!
Here's a video of probably the oldest running US Neracar.
Taken on Memorial Day 2009.
This is a short video of me riding the Model B bike from 
 Kelham Island (Sheffield) Museum in early 2001.
 I was privileged to be offered it for use in the 2001 Banbury Run.
 This video is of one of my first test rides on it after getting it home, and getting it to run.
 Apologies for the quality, but it has been transferred from my son's video camera, then onto videotape, then onto a DVD.