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English model ignition systems can be rewound by

Dave Fisher
Moathouse Magnetos,
52A High Street,
BH19 3HB
01929 421255
07740 984213

  VMCC member Gary Parkin from Banbury has taken over Supreme Motorcycles brake service. He did an excellent job of relining my Model A rear brake and carefully skimming the drum. Very reasonably priced too. 


  An English owner has located a firm that can supply made-to-order replacement piston rings at a very reasonable price, and in a relatively quick time.

  For owners of English models, excellent transfers/decals can be obtained from Classic Transfers, PO Box 17, Wotton-Under-Edge, Glos. GL12 8UA U.K.
English owners can obtain replica celluloid handlebar grips from
Dial Patterns, Ashford, Kent.


One of our US colleagues, Gary Frankel, is prepared to supply replica handlebar grips for the US models. He has already produced very good replicas. If you're interested, then contact him on  fgary@adelphia.net for details.

 For owners of U.S. models, excellent transfers/decals can be obtained from these.

Phoenix Restoration, 2418 Wilkes Ave. Davenport, Ia 52804
Tel 563-326-5144 

Email phoenixresto@revealed.net

 DECALS, 735 39th St, Bettendorf, Iowa 52722.

(No website.)