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Model A engine for sale- sold

May 2013

Martin at Bridport Coachworks in the UK had a Model A engine and spare barrel for sale, the engine appeared to be complete with carburettor, manifolds, flywheel and ignition, etc. A rare find.

Sold according to ebay listing.

Model B spares available
January 2013
All gone! The spares mentioned below have now been sold on to other owners.
If anyone needs to make a replica leather saddle cover then I have the wood baseboard that my father made up, following the procedure described in 'The Vintage Motorcyclist Workshop'. This cover is the one in use on my Model A. I also have a (slightly incorrect) stamp that can be used to impress the makers name into the leather - this reads 'Gough Saddle' and Ner-a-car'.
June 2011
I have been listing the parts my father acquired over the years and which I don't need to keep my Model A on the road. I'm afraid I don't know how serviceable these parts are, some may be capable of immediate use, others may be only fit for scrap or use as patterns. For more information use the contact details on the 'Book details' page.

  I have formers that were made to metal-spin English Model A headlamps in aluminium. All other work will need to be done by you. I can supply details of brackets, etc. Whether you use them as dummies, or whether you make them work, is up to you. These are NOT the same as the U.S. models!

  I also have an old front mudflap canvas that can be used to supply a former for the shape. A good substitute can be made from 2 layers of upholstery hessian impregnated with black silicone sealant.