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In 1997, life-long motorcyclist Ken Philp was given the opportunity of being the first to ride a restored 1921 Model A provided that he traced its chassis number. The book starts off as the account of that task, but it develops into an account of their English history and production, with frequent reference to the U.S. history as well.
It continues on to include details of the various models manufactured, and experiences of restoring three different models, and of preparing a Model B, loaned by a Museum, for the 2001 Banbury Run.

  Not only are there accounts of feats undertaken in the 1920's by both men and women, but it includes the story of the 2001 Banbury Run, in which a total of ELEVEN were ridden.

There are also accounts of other rides undertaken by the Author and others, together with experiences with them over the years 1998-2004.


It is printed on high quality 100gsm paper, has over 50 full-colour photographs, some depicting the modern-day action, plus 50 b/w photographs and photocopies.

 Please note, however, that while the photographs are good, they were not professionally taken!

They were taken as snapshots with no thought of producing the book!

  The research undertaken to produce this was spread over four years.  

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