This website is just a list of publications for Martin Parker, Professor of Culture and Organization at the School of Management, Leicester University. Use the search button above to find things on this site.

I have previously had jobs in sociology and management at Staffordshire, Keele and Warwick universities. My training is mostly in sociology, with some anthropology and cultural studies, and I have a particular interest in various meanings of the word 'culture'; and alternatives to conventional organization.

I have written and edited books on a variety of topics, including social and organizational theory, market managerialism and higher education, culture and popular culture, the humanities and management education, utopianism, conspiracy theory, the Apollo space programme, business ethics, critical management studies, and alternative organizations. At the moment, I'm working on various bits and pieces in culture and organization (James Bond, the history of zoos, and dead spaces) as well as a book on what is wrong with the Business School for Pluto Press.

I always enjoy writing journalism. If any editors are reading, have a look at these Guardian pieces -, - or have a look at my pieces on The Conversation (, or School of Management blogs ( and then offer me some work. I’m also happy to talk to journalists about any of the topics I’m interested in.

If you want to see what I look like, just put 'Martin Parker Leicester' into Google videos, then sit back and enjoy the fun.