Marty Moleski's Google Page

Opened Thursday, March 23, 2006 


I have three other websites that are keeping me busy right now:

It's through my work with the Big-8 Management Board that I received my gmail account and this Google Page.  I hope the Google labs will forgive me for being so brief here.  I'll try to come back and add some meaningful content after I make some progress on my Big-8 chores.

I've had a lot of fun doing the Big-8 page because it uses a wiki.  I've gotten spoiled having the power to log in from any browser and update the pages, without having to FTP the page to the web site.  Google Pages has a somewhat similar interface, although it's a little more complicated and (I guess) more powerful than the wiki. 

Martin X. Moleski, SJ
Canisius College
Buffalo, New York  14208