One-Time Pad

Encrypt unbreakable is difficult? Decoding too complicated?
No. With a graphic One-Time Pad you can easily and securely encrypt texts and images.  If you print them and lay one exactly on the top of the other picture, you can decode the Message, without any formulas or computers.
Based on an idea of Thomas Dübendorfer, I have developed a programm to create optical One-Time Pads.

            One-Time Pad

Internship at Volkswagen

Since May 17 2010 I worked in the autouni a department of Volkswagen Group in Wolfsburg, Germany. My Internship lasts six month. There I support teaching events and work on new strategies for efficient teaching. You can find a full blog with Videos on the German version of this website. (Translate this Page)

How to forward your RUB Emails

Here is an explanation how to forward your Emails form the email address of the Ruhr University to your private email address.

Drum magazine
Soon online: I have created some new sketches for Wikipedia of various forms of magazines: Single-row and double-row magazine, and also a double drum magazine. Here's a Preview:

Strain gauge

I have uploaded the sketch of a strain gauge to Wikipedia, which I had created for my porjekt work at University.

Float switch

I cut of a float switch form a brocken sewage pump and took some pictures. These can also be found at Wikipedia under the Article float switch.


Formulary of material handling and logistics

For exam in material handling and logistics, I have created a collection of formulas. It contains many important formulas and examples on the topics: logistics, waiting systems, distribution function (T-distribution) and storage. 

Firefox Addon's collection

I have put a few of my favorite addon's for Firefox together to a collection to make Firefox less maintenance and more ergonomic.

You find it here:

video directions

I have created a directions video to the Alfried-Krupp-Students Laboratory:

Martin Meise,
Oct 7, 2009, 6:01 PM