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Ian Melrose (guitarist, composer, producer) comments:

"Martin Lillich is one of my very favorite bass players: groovy, creative, with a great tone and feel and a musical tastefulness, all of which make working with him a joy and a privilege. His wonderfully dry sense of humor is also not to be sneezed at …"

Norddeutsche Rundschau 2016:

"...his playing, wether comping or soloing, sparkles adventurousness…"

bassist, composer, arranger,

     bassello solos:

struments, hythm & harmony, workshop and individual coach.

Martin plays many kinds of basses in standard 4th tuning or in his two 5th tunings:

ascending F-C-G-D on his "bassello" or D-A-E-B on regular size double and electric basses.

instructional videos: