Does the Bible really say that?

During 2012, it was my privilege to lead a small group, at my church, on the theme of “Does the Bible really say that?”

Since then, much of that material has found its way into an ebook, or e-book, of the same title, in Amazon Kindle format.
As of September 14, 2013, the book is available from Amazon, for 99 cents (which is the lowest price an author can set) but it's free from the page you are on now. See below.

The book is a little over 100 pages as a Microsoft Word 2007 document, but with lots of space, and in 13-point type, so it's not as dense as 100 pages might bring to your mind. It is also available as a .PDF file, as a Kindle document, and as an epub file (the Barnes & Noble Nook uses such files, as do some other e-readers.)

The topics covered, some in more depth than others, some with a rather firm conclusion, some not, are as follows:

The culture of Bible times and understanding the Bible
Genres of Biblical literature
Was praying for sinners important in the early church? What are the types of prayer, and what did the early church pray for?
Must the husband always be the spiritual leader in a home?
Must marriage ceremonies be conducted in church?
Is homosexuality the worst sexual sin?
Is prophecy easy to understand? How certain is prophecy about the tribulation, the rapture and the anti-Christ?
Can a believer lose her salvation? What does the Bible say about the characteristics of believers?
Do we go to heaven immediately upon death? Do resurrected believers have a body?

The World English Bible, which is in the public domain, is quoted extensively, which is fitting, since what the Bible has to say is more important than what I have to say. Besides being in the public domain, the language is mostly understandable to 21st-century readers. (No believeth, hath, thee, etc.)

There are links to all four of these formats below. Use the appropriate down arrow. If you have trouble downloading a file, or if you can’t read it after you have downloaded it, let me know, please. I would also appreciate any suggestions. Thanks.

If you don't have an Amazon Kindle tablet, I recommend using the free Kindle App for Windows or for Apple computers (or for other information appliances, including most tablets and smartphones). Although it is free, you do need to register with Amazon (Which registration is also free.) There is an Amazon page on that app. One reason I recommend the Kindle App it is that you can highlight parts of an e-book, and then do things like place these highlights into a journal, by going to your Amazon My Highlights page, and copying and pasting.

If you do have an Amazon Kindle tablet, I recommend using the Send to Kindle app, which lets you send files, including files you have downloaded, to your Kindle. Here's a link to that page. There are instructions there, and they work.

Thanks for reading! - Martin LaBar

The book, in four formats, is attached below. The formats are, from top to bottom, Word, PDF, epub (Nook and other e-readers) and mobi (Kindle). Click on the down arrow at the right to download the version you want.

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