Web design and hosting

Digby and Co - one of Martin's clients
Company Director Martin Kay operates his web design and hosting operation from Cheddar in Somerset, UK. Martin's been doing web design and maintenance since the late '90s and has created and hosted hundreds of different sites over the years, on a wide variety of topics. Most sites are based around the Wordpress platform, with an emphasis on clear navigation, usability and uncomplicated design. 

Services include web site and blog maintenance, monitoring customers’ web site security, web content management, hosting, email provision, and setting up of discussion forums and other add-on features where required. Some sites (such as the one in the image opposite) also use bespoke graphics provided by the client which Martin turns into functioning web pages.

Also for a few sites, Google Adwords campaign management is carried out, along with updates to Twitter or Facebook pages, and carrying out of search engine optimisation work. Find out more here.