What is Wrong With Society?
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Which Peter enjoys fiddling with children? (Scroll down for the answer)


Stuart = Squinty? 

What's Wrong With Society?

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A couple of weeks back me and a couple of friends had a few drinks near the lake near my house before we set off into town to get wasted... The two friends I was with got into an argument and one of them said to my mate Peter "You're what's wrong with society!".... This got me thinking... Could there be a link to what's wrong with society and people named Peter? Read on for more information... Also my girlfriend deserves recognition for some of these (she did think of quite a lot of em) so kudos to her!

  This here is my mate Peter... and here is another picture...

No he's not advertising for the Gay Exchange Adverts... these are just his myspace pics! PS He's not gay and is available to all you lovely ladies! (He'll buy you drinks)

Anyhoo... As I was saying... a friend said he was "What's wrong with society" on a drunken night out... This got me thinking about other Peters and seeing if there is a link to what's wrong with society and other people named Peter.

Case Number 1:

 Chim Chimany! Chim Chimany! Apples and Pears it's that junkie twat Pete Doherty!

Here's a fine example with what's wrong with society... This fucker can't sing to save his life... People pay and travel to see him "perform" only for him to not appear on-stage because he frankly can't be bothered. The way I see it.. If you have to get your fix on crack then do it after you perform.. It's not fair on your fans who PAY to see you live only for you not to turn up. We all saw how crap you were at Live 8 but still you get these stupid kids saying "Oh I love you Pete you're the best!"... You've been given more chances than a monopoly board to clean up (which you say you will but you don't, even when charities pay for your rehab... Cunt). Clearly... you're what's wrong with society!

Case Number 2:

Peter Rabbit: Fictional Character created by Beatrix Potter

According to Wikipedia:

 "In the first of Beatrix Potter's books, Peter and his family are introduced. One day, Mrs. Rabbit goes to the market, leaving Peter and his sisters, Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cottontail to play in the forest. Disobeying his mother's orders, Peter sneaks into Mr. McGregor's garden and eats as many vegetables as he can before Mr. McGregor spots him and chases him around. Eventually, Peter manages to escape, but not before losing his jacket and his shoes, which Mr. McGregor uses for his new scarecrow."

First of all what's he doing in someone else's garden eating their vegetables? It's stealing and downright wrong... yet another aspect of what's wrong with society.


Case Number 3:

Peter & the Wolf: If I had a Wolf standing next to me I wouldn't stand there playing the fucking violin that's for sure!

I'm sure we all know the story of the boy who cried Wolf! For those who don't it's about a young shepard called Peter who was bored looking after the sheep so every now and then he would cry "Wolf!". The local villagers would rush out to help only to see there was no wolf. One day there was a real Wolf and the boy cried "Wolf!" and no one believed him.... The boy was either killed or his flock were depending on the story you heard... Anyway the moral of this story is DON'T LIE BECAUSE IF YOU CONSTANTLY DO PEOPLE WON'T BELIEVE YOU WHEN YOU DO TELL THE TRUTH!!! Here's a modern interpretation:


Remember this could happen to you so ALWAYS be vigilant! It could be you next!


Case Number 4:

 St Peter: Denied Christ 3 times

 I'm not a religious person but according to Wikipedia:

Denial of Jesus

All four canonical gospels recount that, during the Last Supper, Jesus foretold that Peter would deny association with him three times that same night, and that Peter did in fact do so, while Jesus was on trial before the high priest. The three Synoptics describe the three denials as follows:

  1. A denial when a female servant of the high priest spots Simon Peter, saying that he had been with Jesus.
  2. A denial when Simon Peter had gone out to the gateway, away from the firelight, but the same servant girl or another told the bystanders he was a follower of Jesus.
  3. A denial came when recognition of Peter as a Galilean was taken as proof that he was indeed a disciple of Jesus. Matthew adds that it was his accent that gave him away as coming from Galilee. Luke deviates slightly from this by stating that, rather than a crowd accusing Simon Peter, it was a third individual.

The Gospel of John places the second denial while Peter was still warming himself at the fire, and gives as the occasion of the third denial a claim by someone to have seen him in the garden of Gethsemane when Jesus was arrested. Since Peter does not reappear in Matthew's gospel after his denial of Jesus, an extremely small number of scholars have suggested that Matthew viewed Peter as an apostate, and was actually criticising Peter and the groups that looked to him as founder.In the Gospel of Luke, Jesus prediction of Peter's denial is coupled with a prediction that all the apostles ("you", plural) would be "sifted like wheat", but that it would be Peter's task ("you", singular), when he had turned again, to strengthen his brethrer.

 Basically... Lying to save his skin! Is that what's wrong with society?... I guess it's a part of it!


Case Number 5:

 Sigh... yet another Bible bashing titbit... Basically according to the Prophecy of the Popes the final Pope of the Catholic Church will be Peter II... Now there has been St Peter who is allegedly the final Pope (wikipedia again :):

Future Pope?

No Pope has ever adopted the name Peter II out of respect for the Apostle Saint Peter, who according to Roman Catholic tradition was installed as the first Pope by Jesus Christ. Though the adoption of that name is not legally barred, it seems unlikely that any future Pope would ever choose such a name.

The likelihood of such a choice is further diminished by a passage in the controversial Prophecy of the Popes, that mention a "Peter the Roman" (Petrus Romanus) as the final Pope, who would "feed his sheep in many tribulations" and "extreme persecution". This note invests the name of Peter II with an apocalyptic connotation, making an adoption as a papal name unlikely.

 OK ok now I know it's a long shot... But my mate Peter is so anti religion that if he was ever to become Pope no doubt he'd be the downfall of the Catholic Church (either on purpose or accidently)...

He's half Italian also. You read it here first people...


Case Number 6:

 Peter Sutcliffe aka "The Yorkshire Ripper"

"...And I would've got away with it if it wasn't for you pesky pigs!" 

Convicted of killing 13 women and attacks on 7 more. Clearly he is what's wrong with society! Also judging from the pic above he seems miffed that "Sutcliffe" isn't a word used in Scrabble.

Case Number 7:

 Peter Griffin from Family Guy

 If there was one person to sum up what's wrong with society on so many levels it would be Peter Griffin. Also he could become Pope Peter II since he's Catholic! "But wait!" you say "He's not real!" Well take a look at this!


Case Number 8:


Pete Bennett: UK Big Brother 7 Winner and Media Whore

 *Cough* Whorankers! *whistle* First of all him having Tourette's is not what's wrong with society. He has an addiction to ketamine (horse tranquillizer) which apparently makes his Tourette's worse, also he briefly went out with Nikki (mentally retarded spoilt brat also on BB7)... After Big Brother is when he became what's wrong with society.

First he sold his story about his relationship repeatedly. Secondly he left his band Daddy Fantastic (gay name) and pursue a solo career as he suddenly became famous. Thirdly his new material is shit as you can listen here!

Proof that sudden fame can cause what's wrong with society.


Case Number 9:

 Peter Stringfellow: Rich sod and dirty old man

This guy is a multi millionaire and most famous for owning the Sringfellows table dancing clubs. He claims to have slept with 3000 women (liar?) and has a fiancée 42 years younger than him. Arguably well done to him however he has been pictured wearing a thong (unsuitable to show here) and also has a mullet!

 Case Number 10:

Texas Pete: Fictional cowboy villain in Superted

Texas Pete was a villain in Superted (a famous 80s cartoon here in the UK). As a villain he is clearly what's wrong with society.