What is Wrong With Society?

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21st Feburary 2008:

 Long time no update... Well I've updated the Stuart=Squinty? and What is Wrong With Society? a little bit. I hope you enjoy it (I know two people who won't) ;P

1st April 2007:

 It's no April fools... I have updated the site with some new squinty ppl and who's wrong with society.

2nd March 2007:

Hello and welcome to my website! I created this page while drunk in the early hours of this morning. It's now 5pm and thought I'd make a few changes and additions. AHere you will find out shocking information regarding what's wrong with society ("Peter") and also the strange relationship of squintiness and the name Stuart (or Stewart)...

If you get bored there's always the games to play on this site!

Any comments please email me at m k aikon @hotmail.com (remove the spaces).

...We're through the looking glass people....