Shift Put Top Cycle Speedway Stars in the Frame on Sky


TOP video production company Shift Studios Ltd has scored a major coup by winning key time slots for its thrilling coverage of one of Britain’s burgeoning sports.

Chesterfield-based Shift Studios Ltd, in collaboration with Venture Video, is pleased to announce confirmation of the broadcast for the British Cycle Speedway Final at five key airings on Sky Sports 3 and Sky Sports 1.

The programme, which features exhilarating content of the thrills and spills of the increasingly popular sport of cycle speedway, is a unique coup for the Chesterfield based production company.

The action will be broadcast on Sky Sports 3 this coming week on November 29 and 30 and again December.

Recent news of an upgraded prime-time slot means the sport will potentially be exposed to thousands of people as well as a fresh new audience in homes, pubs and clubs across the UK.

Joe Mclaughlin, Cycle Speedway promoter said: “The content is excellent, exceptionally well produced and visually very impressive. It deserves a higher profile platform which we are delighted to give it.

“Hopefully this extensive prime time coverage of the sport will be well received and lead to a raising of the profile of the great all action sport of cycle speedway”.

Simon Gamble, Executive Producer at Shift Studios said he was thrilled Shift’s skills had such a gained such a fantastic showcase.

“When designing the project, I hoped the imagination and experience throughout our team would produce some excellent material. I’m glad we’ve surpassed expectations and the sport now has the slot it deserves, on Sky, on prime time television.

”Cycle speedway has always been popular but in recent years it has become the focus of more and more broadcasters and sports coverage.

“We’re absolutely delighted to be involved with this exciting sport which for both first-time watchers and long-time enthusiasts, promises to be the pinnacle of excitement.”

The origins of cycle speedway are obscure. It existed by the 1920s but appears to have taken off in the wreckage of post-war cities in Britain.

With tracks cleared through the rubble, on bikes not otherwise roadworthy, and under the influence of motorcycle speedway, cycle speedway grew haphazardly as a way for young people to enjoy themselves in cities.

There were more than 200 clubs in East London by 1950, with more than 20 in Walthamstow alone. The sport spread across the country.

UK and world championships are both staged biannually, as well as European championships and increasing TV coverage is helping it become one of the fastest growing sports in the UK.

Shift Studios  Ltd was formed at the start of the year but has roots going back to 2008. The company is already garnering the attention of major clients in the South Yorkshire and Derbyshire region and across the UK.


Broadcast times:

  • The full updated dates and times of the broadcasts are:
  • Tuesday 29th November 2011 at 1600 (Sky Sports 3) and 2400 (Sky Sports 4). The action is repeated on Wednesday 30th November at 1200 (Sky Sports 2). A further showing will be aired on Monday 5th December at 02.30, on the main Sky Sports 1 channel.
  • For information contact Simon Gamble at Shift Studios on  t: 01246 828 449 e: For press release information contact Martin Hickes on 0113 2567450.