Core RFID launches top research grant

ONE of the UK’s leading companies in the highly specialised field of radio frequency ID tagging (RFID) is launching a unique research grant specifically aimed at the student and academic community.

CoreRFID Ltd, based in Warrington,  has established a prominent reputation in the global RFID industry for delivering innovative products and services that help its clients track an array of items in the public and private sector.

With installed bases in the UK, Europe and Australia, the company is now working on some of the most advanced RFID projects in the world.

The new grant, entitled the CoreRFID Research Innovation Award, aims to act as a launch pad for students interested in the commercially burgeoning field of radio frequency ID technologies and to bring the commercial skills of CoreRFID and academia together.

CoreRFID’s sales director Peter Algar says the research award, which will be an annual one, promises to be an exciting development all round.

He says: “For over a decade now, we have specialised in Radio Frequency Identification - electronic tagging, identification and the bespoke application of our very specialist skills in RFID technology to a myriad of fields and industries in both the private and public sector.

“Our solutions have ranged from everything from helping airlines inspect safety and survival equipment, IT audits in local government, maintaining quality control in heavy industry, and even the tagging of small birds for research - anything that relies on putting remote auto-ID technology solutions into practice.

“Our second business arm is in on-line retail components - we sell a range of tested  RFID merchandise through our popular web shop.

“Recently, we noticed that a significant percentage - about 30 per cent - of our client queries received through the web-shop come from the academic community - typically from students or post-graduates, working on RFID projects as part of their course work/thesis.

“We also realised that we didn’t really know what uses this equipment was being put to. We really want to hear from them!

“For example, there could be a student or an academic out there making really good practical use for RFID technology or making ground-breaking discoveries that we don’t know about.

“We like to think we are leaders in the world of RFID technology - but if there is anyone in the student/academic world who thinks they have an innovative or world-beating idea which they want to develop or share, then we would like to be part of it.

“Through this grant, we want to  encourage our participation with the world of academia rather than shy away from it - and working on the principle that great minds work alike, hope to stimulate and exchange some healthy ideas.

“We are therefore on the hunt for the student or post-grad  who can come up with the most innovative solution for RFID technology.

“We’re also mindful of the uncertain economic climate and we are sure the winning of the award, backed by our name, would look good on any prospective c.v. for those emerging into the world of work.”

* More details about how CoreRFID works and their interactivities with the commercial world  via sample case studies can be found at