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Martin Hickes is a journalist, publicist and writer with a 15 year association with the media. He specialises in old fashioned journalism, academic related PR and general business publicity.
In a world of occasional 'dumbed-down' journalism and general flim-flam, he prides himself on the ability to write objectively on a wide range of subjects, from quantum physics to Charles Darwin, Right-to-Roam to the business of Shakespeare as well as offering bespoke writing services including speeches and press releases, and a network of add-on services through associates and contacts.
He also has a network of contacts in photo publicity, his father and grandfather and associates having been linked closely with the press and pr business in the North of England for more than 40 years. He was taught by the poet Ian McMillan, among others.....he won the school literary prize at Prince Henry's Grammar School in Otley in 1986.
He qualified as a journalist in 1989 and has also undertaken a significant degree of PR work.
Aside from general writings and availability for publicity, he is also attempting to create an online English Literary Canon for broad reference (see side bar). For a number of years, in the late 90s, he worked in the cable comms industry in a publicity role at the dawn of the hi-tech revolution, technology and know-how which is now de rigueur.
In younger days, he was highly influenced by the works of Douglas Adams, Agatha Christie, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Clive James, the Monty Python team, the cosmologist Carl Sagan, and any great satirists.
He gained a 2:1 BA (Hons) degree in English Literature and is based in Leeds, Yorkshire - probably the best-connected city in the UK.
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