The holiday site below the famous falls







Long before Sherlock Holmes plunged into this abyss, Turner felt its pull. He saw the spectacle on his alpine sojourn in 1802 and painted "The Great Fall of Riechenbach, in the Valley of Hasle, Switzerland" (below), two years later. The geological features are expertly rendered, as is the behaviour of the water, forming into a fine spray at the foot of the waterfall.











is a municipality in the district of Oberhasli in the canton of Bern in Switzerland.

A museum dedicated to Holmes is located in the basement of the deconsecrated English Church, located in what has now been named Conan Doyle Place.

The town is also known for its claim to have invented meringue.

Meiringen is served by Meiringen railway station on the Brünigbahn narrow-gauge railway from Interlaken to Lucerne.

This station is also the terminus of the local Meiringen-Innertkirchen Bahn narrow-gauge railway, which links the town with the nearby village of Innertkirchen.

The lower terminus of the Reichenbachfall-Bahn funicular, which links the town to the Reichenbach Falls, is located at Willigen, some 20 minutes walk, or a 6 minute bus ride, from Meiringen station.

One of three main air bases of the Swiss Air Force is located in Unterbach, near Meiringen.

 Turner's striking painting