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My Teaching Experience

Benjamin Franklin High School
550 North Broad Street
Philadelphia PA, 19130

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"Only Excellence" 
In spring of 2001,after spending ten years in Trinidad and Tobago (my country of birth) I returned to the United States . In fall of that year I was assigned to Benjamin Franklin High School, where I taught chemistry and physics.  At that time I was appalled and saddened by how our children were being educated in science. Labs were dilapidated and outdated; students and educators seemed disenchanted. I wanted to help our children become better students.

Benjamin Franklin High school located at 550North Broad Street has become an institution to be proud off. Our Science Department has evolved into one of the best in the city. In recent years our students have successfully participated in  science fairs, science Olympiad and robotics competitions. They are currently members of "National Society of Black Engineers" and "National Honors Society". Last year our school was selected by the School District of Philadelphia to pioneer a curriculum in Biotechnology.


Over the years I have been a proud sponsor of many curricular and co-curricular activities within our schools. I am elated to see positive transformations in our children. This summer I participated in the RET-NANO program sponsored by Drexel University and the University of Pennsylvania. I hope to use the knowledge gained, from this experience, to promote innovative and progress programs for students in our school.

RET-NANO, has provided both “tools” and “techniques” to make science education more meaningful for children.

I hope to use these tools and techniques to promote our motto:
"Only Excellence" 

Boy in sandbox: 'I don't have to go to school. My mom teachers me.' by Love, Jason


"I never thought that I had to go to school, But Mom MADE ME"

Howard University, Washington DC

Bachelor of Science




Drexel University, Philadelphia PA

Master of Science




Benjamin Franklin High School
Science Department Chair

Chemistry, Physics, Biotechnology Teacher

Robotics Coach

Professional Experience

2001- Present    School District of Philadelphia    Philadelphia, PA

1990-2001          Toco Composite High School      Trinidad, WI

Professional Accolades

National Honor Roll Society “Outstanding American Teacher 2005-2006”

National Youth Leadership “Educational Leader and Mentor 2006-2007”

Center City Region School science Leader 2006 & 2007


Tennis, Soccer, Martial arts, Writing poetry