Litter F

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In January 2007, 5-years old Heda gave birth her second litter "F". Father of this litter is Jumbo z Pufiho parku owned by Mr. Ladislav Balogh. Litter was well balanced by exteriors, they were born five bitches and two dogs. Puppies are achieving adult age. Now, we are able to review inherited characteristics given by genetics from parents.

7-months old Farah left home to live with new owners in Sweden. In age of 11-months she obtained title Nordic Junior Winner on International Dog Show in Stockholm. Farah is extraordinery talented for field work with delicious nose as well as loves water. More information about Farah life in Sweden you can find here.

Fiona lives in my house and family. She has excellent exterior, is discovering field work, loves water as well. 

Other puppies have found new home in Slovak republic.

Father of litter "F" is  Jumbo z Pufiho parku

KV, 2 x CACIT, 4x CACT, 2x CAC

CAJC,  ResCAC, National Junior Champion,

ŠVP, 2 x MAM - MJK - I.c., MFT, NFT VS II.c.


more about Jumbo is available on Jumbo web page.


Date of birth : 20th January 2007                                                          Dogs/bitches : 2/5                                                                    Bitches : Farah, Felice, Fiona, Flora, Frederika                        Dogs : Fred,Frigo                                                                                  

Fiona has own web page, available here.

Farah  lives near of Stockholm in Sweden. In December 2007 she obtained  on International Dog Show in Stockholm Nordic Junior Winner title. Farah web page you can find here.

Fred, Frigo, Felice, Flora and Frederika make pleasure to new owners around our country.