Fleet Rules

Martin 24x Level Fleet Rules

Portland Martin 24 Fleet Boat Configuration Rules

Effective March 1, 2009

1. Intent

The Portland Martin 24 fleet has developed into a fleet of Martin 241s and Martin242s primarily configured around the Martin 242 rig and sail plan. The purpose of these Level Fleet Rules is to provide a standard for boat and sail plan configuration which ensures level performance capability by identifying critical constraints while allowing individual boats latitude to adjust to individual preferences. It is the desire of the fleet that these standards be simple, objective, available to all members, understandable by members and suppliers (boatyards, sail makers, etc.), and compatible with PHRF-NW. Recognizing that a simple set of rules cannot address all conceivable situations, the rules recognize the potential for approving exceptions on a boat-by-boat basis with the approval of 2/3 of the boat owners in the fleet.


2. Definitions

2.1. Sail Measurement

Sail measurement points and measurements shall be in accordance with ISAF Equipment Rules of Sailing 2009-2012, Section G. (Indicated by italics in formulas)

2.2. Sail Area Calculations (consistent with PHRF-NW) and Limits

(all measurements and calculations in feet)

2.2.1. Mainsail

(3 * Foot Length + 4 * (Half Width + Three-Quarter Width) + Top Width) * Luff Length / 12

2.2.2. Headsail

0.5 * Luff Length * Luff Perpendicular

2.2.3. Spinnaker

0.83 * ((Luff Length + Leach Length) / 2) * (Foot Length + 4 * Half Width) / 5


3. Maximum Sail Sizes

Each boat in the fleet shall configure her sails not to exceed the maximums specified in a single column of the following table – no mixing/matching across columns. Note that consistency with PHRF-NW rating bands is an objective of the standard, but the absolute sizes are what is being specified in the standard. Future changes in PHRF measurement and/or rating bands will be cause for reviewing the standard, but will not be automatically incorporated into the standard.

4. Sails and Running Rigging

4.1. Jibs shall be roller furling.

4.2. Barber hauling the sail outboard or sheeting to the rail is permitted.

4.3. In-hauling by any means is prohibited.

4.4. Running Backstays are prohibited.

4.5. Spinnaker poles shall be no greater than 8.5 feet (8’ 6”) tip-to-tip including fittings.


5. Hull and Standing Rigging

5.1. Underwater modifications to the hull are prohibited except for glassing in the fwd rudder post hole and/or the motor well door.

5.2. Mast shall be standard 242 cross-section, length, and material with the forestay tang, spinnaker fairlead and sheave, and gooseneck (“H”, “I”, and “P”) located in accordance with the International Martin 242 Class Rules Section 3.2 “Spars and Rigging”.

5.3. 241's may move the mast aft up to 8.5" to balance the sail plan over the hull, to establish a dimension of 7' 8.5" for the distance from the foreside of the mast to the point where forestay attaches to the deck measured parallel to the water line (“J”).

5.4. Jib tracks are to be mounted on the cabin top of the 241's, 21.5" outboard of the centerline of the boat, plus or minus 1/2 ".For 242's the track will be mounted in the standard position.

5.5. Keels may be faired but not modified.

5.6. After market balanced rudders are allowed on both 242's & 241's, 241's may move the rudder aft by as much as 37.5".

5.7. Outboard motor shall be installed on a permanent mount ready for instant immersion and capable of driving the boat at 5.4 knots.


6. Exceptions

Exceptions to the above rules require the approval of 2/3 of the fleet boat owners. Procedurally, requests should be submitted to Bill Brennan who will coordinate review by the measurement committee and forward the request together with the committee recommendation to the fleet boat owners for a vote.


7. Grandfather Clause

Each boat in the fleet is allowed to sail with the sails as measured 16-Nov-2008 until adding a sail, at which time all sails on the boat must come into complete compliance with the fleet standard sail plan.

Standard Maximum Sail Sizes (in square feet)


PHRF Code 3U3

Martin 241

PHRF Code 255

Martin 242

PHRF Code 295

Martin 241













Upwind Area




Downwind Area




Approved Exceptions





Bad Habit

Existing main at 217.41


Next new sail.

Wild Willy

Existing main at 215.86


Next new sail.

Wild Women

Existing main at 216.45


Next new sail.