Martí Mestieri's Research Page

Senior Economist in the Economic Research Department at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago.
Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics at Northwestern University (on leave).

Contact marti dot mestieri at northwestern dot edu.

Curriculum Vitae (pdf)

Research Interests Economic Growth and International Trade. 

Working Papers

Income-Driven Labor-Market Polarization, with Diego Comin and Ana Danieli, online appendix.

Publications (with replication files when applicable)

The World Income Distribution: The Effects of International Unbundling of Production, with Sergi Bascoonline appendix, supplemental material, replication files Journal of Economic Growth, May 2019, 24(2), 189-221.
       Extension Studying Unbundling and Within Country Inequality (SSRN WP).

If Technology Has Arrived Everywhere, Why Has Income Diverged? with Diego Comin, appendixestimatesreplication files, media:  AEA's highlight video,  the economistnytvoxeu, bloombergeconomiclogic. AEJ: Macroeconomics, July 2018, vol. 10, no. 3.

Human Capital Accumulation and Occupational Choice: Implications for Economic Development, with Johanna Schauer and Robert Townsend, online appendix, replication files. Review of Economic Dynamics (special issue on Human Capital and Inequality), May 2017, vol. 25 (2017), pp. 151–186.

Mergers along the Global Supply Chain: Information Technologies and Routine Tasks, with Sergi Basco, media: voxeuWP version. Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, April 2017. 

Technology Diffusion: Measurement, Causes and Consequences, with Diego Comin, Handbook of Economic Growth, 2014, vol 2B, Ch. 2,  pp. 565–622.

Heterogeneous Trade Costs and Wage Inequality: A Model of Two Globalizations, with Sergi Basco, Journal of International Economics, March 2013, vol. 89(2), pp. 393-406.

Work in Progress (with a preliminary draft)

Structural Change in Innovation, with Danial Lashkari and Diego Comin.

What Goods do Countries Trade?, with Danial Lashkari.

The Heterogeneous Effects of Trade across Occupations: A Simple Test of the Stolper-Samuelson Theorem, with Sergi Basco, Maxime Liegey and Gabriel Smagghue.

The Stable Transformation Path, with Francisco Buera, Joseph Kaboski and Daniel O'Connor.

Cities and Technology Cycles, with Enrico Berkes and Ruben Gaetani.

Global Innovation and Productivity: Evidence from 100 years of World Patent Data, with Enrico Berkes and Kristina Manysheva.

Micro Assignment and Macro Elasticities, with Riccardo Bianchi-Vimercati.