Martí Mestieri's Research Page

Assistant Professor of Economics, Northwestern University.

Contact marti.mestieri at northwestern dot edu.

Curriculum Vitae (pdf)

Working Papers

Structural Change with Long-run Income and Price Effects, with Diego Comin and Danial Lashkari, online appendix. Revise and Resubmit, Econometrica.


Heterogeneous Trade Costs and Wage Inequality: A Model of Two Globalizations, with Sergi Basco, Journal of International Economics, March 2013, vol. 89(2), pp. 393-406.

Human Capital Accumulation and Occupational Choice: Implications for Economic Development, with Johanna Schauer and Robert Townsend, online appendix, replication files. Forthcoming, RED.

Mergers along the Global Supply Chain: Information Technologies and Routine Tasks, with Sergi Basco, media: voxeuWP version. Forthcoming, Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics.

Technology Diffusion: Measurement, Causes and Consequences, with Diego Comin, Handbook of Economic Growth, 2014, vol 2B, Ch. 2,  pp. 565–622.