Free Resources

The MARTI Trainer/Mentors and Teachers have been busy collecting the coolest and most useful open-source (free!) tools that money can't buy - and they are thrilled to share! Our favorites are listed below - these are the tools that we have been using in our training workshops and in our classrooms. You'll also find some awesome links to MARTI folks' websites with even more links, as well as their favorite blogs and sites which have EVEN MORE links. Did we miss anything? Email Us and we'll add your tools!


Go2Web20 - THE best collection of Web2.0 Tools!
Brightstorm - 1000's of free math and science videos from the very best instructors
HippoCampus - High School subject matter in digital media format - from basic math to calculus - and everything in between!
KhanAcademy - over 35 million lessons delivered FREE!

Wordle - Word Cloud generator
Google Docs - The best way to collaborate! (Students love Google Docs.)
Gmail - try it. You won't ever go back to your old mail.
Google Calendar - Organize yourself at home, school and work. Share with ease! 
Google Sites - You are in our Google Site right now!
Picasa - Organize and edit your photos with ease.
Picasa Web Albums - Then, upload them and share with ease!
GIMP - Open-Source solution to "I can't afford Photoshop!"
OpenOffice - Writer, Calc, Impress, Base, Math & Draw - amazing.
Delicious - The tastiest bookmarks on the web (save your own or see what's fresh now).
Diigo - Another amazing "bring your bookmarks and share" tool.
YouTube - Upload and share video. You can do it.
Scratch - Create & share your own interactive stories, games, music, & art!
Google SketchUp - create, modify and share 3D models!
RCampus - Secure, online, full-service, opensource course management for those of us who love Blackboard/WebCT/FirstClass, but don't have the technical support to run other solutions.
DailyLit - Free Literature delivered to your email in customizable pieces.
Wikispaces for Educators - Slick easy-to-use wiki.
Lifeyo - Make a website with ease.