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Tai Chi -

The TAI-CHI-CHUAN style we teach is the PEKING 24 STEP, the most popular TAI-CHI-CHUAN style in the world. 

The unique thing about the Alexander Tai-Chi Foundation is that we do not confuse the practice of TAI-CHI-CHUAN with other esoteric transmissions. We teach only genuine TAI-CHI-CHUAN without the usual, confusing issues that cloud the real purposes of TAI-CHI-CHUAN i.e. the integration of the mind, body and spirit.

Zen Shin Do Kenjutsu - 

Jon Alexander developed the Zen Shin Do Kenjutsu style of swordsmanship over a period of more than 40 years after his disappointment with conventional styles of IAIDO. This is a kata based system with the emphisis on correct bokken and sword control.

Zen Shin Kyudo - 

 Literally meaning "way of the bow", is the Japanese art of archery. It is a clasical, traditional Japanese martial art and practitioners are known as kyūdōka. It is estimated that there are approximately half a million practitioners of kyūdō today. 

Kyūdō is practiced in many different schools, some of which descend from military shooting and others that descend from ceremonial or contemplative practice. Therefore, the emphasis is different. Some emphasize aesthetics and others efficiency. Contemplative schools teach the form as a meditation in action. In certain schools, to shoot correctly will result inevitably in hitting the desired target. For this a phrase seisha hicchū, "true shooting, certain hitting", is used.

Zen-Shin-Kyudo-Kai is the only kyudo club in the entire south west.

Training is by one to one or small group private Classes only!