Mixed Martial Arts Training School in Plainfield IL Offers 14 Days of Classes for Free!

There is no time like now to get started or start a child in Martial Arts training at Victory MMA Gyms serving the 60544 zip code and surrounding areas.

Were you doing a search for "MMA Gyms near me" if so please read on and find out how you or your child can start getting amazing benefits from the most fun & exciting workout around. Not to mention - How you can Try it for 14 Days FREE!

Victory specializes in teaching both Adults & Children male and female students how to apply the lessons they learn in our martial arts classes to their daily lives.

Martial Arts Schools Plainfield

Victory Martial Arts Plainfield has an atmosphere that is non intimidating and welcoming. In fact, when you or your child visit you will be greeted with a smile and our student directors will walk you through every step of the process. Our Coaches will make you feel at home and will certainly inspire!

Our adults learn Muay Thai kickboxing, Jiu Jiitsu, MMA, Self Defense 360 from our certified instructors.
It's more than a gym, the culture of the school makes it a place for men & women ages 16-60. Some of your best friends will be met a Victory Martial Arts.

Our kids Martial Arts classes helps boys and girls from ages 4-13 learn to focus and develop self discipline. We also teach every student how to set short & long term goals.

Of course, our kids learn how to defend themselves against a bully and anti abduction techniques in our well refined Karate, BJJ, Judo, Wrestling & Boxing Curricular.

Victory MMA Plainfield: What Makes Their Gym Special?

Victory creates Instructors with its Instructor Candidate program.This is one of the true differences that makes Victory Martial Arts stand out! Our instructor staff is highly trained in the skills, motivation techniques and have made martial arts a lifestyle. Coaches you can trust!

The BENEFITS are amazing!

Victory includes many forms of Mixed Martial Arts Classes to get you LEAN & FIT. Also, our systematic approach will get you proficient quickly and will unlock things in you that you never thought of.

  1. Unique Martial Arts Curriculum Developed Over 30 Years to Get Fast Results for Our Students.
  2. Consistent Teaching That Leads to Real Results.
  3. Class Training Methods Are Regularly Updated to Include the Latest Training Methods.
  4. Certified Instructors Emphasize Safe but Energetic Classes.
  5. We ALWAYS Put Safety First!
  6. Orderly and Clean Facilities with Clean Mats, Restrooms and Polished Equipment.
  7. Classes Will Always Inspire, Motivate, Be Fun and Will Get You The Results You Want.
  8. Train People of All Ages and Provide Co-Ed, Men’s & Women’s Training Classes.
  9. Victory Martial Arts Lessons Are Performance-Based and Do Not Require Advanced, Long-Term Commitments.
  10. Well-Rounded Training for Sport and/or Self Protection Rather Than Focus on Just One or Two Focuses.

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Reviews for Victory Martial Arts in Plainfield Illinois

You will also notice improvements in Things like, FOCUS. Yes, from training martial arts you will learn to focus and have more clarity in your daily lives because of the way we teach it. To us, its not just about getting you into the best shape of your life and you feeling confident that you can defend yourself and ones you love. At Victory, we teach Mixed Martial Arts in a way that it affects you positively in your daily lives.

And talk about a great MEETING PLACE for adults, teens and children!

ADULT PROGRAMS  - There are many styles of Kick Boxing & Jiu Jitsu. If your looking for Sport, Defense of Fitness we have all 3. Victory Students shed fat Quickly and get super lean & fit.

Male & Females interest has spiked due to the popularity of the UFC and other Big TV Fight Promotions. Victory has a complete method to teach people with no experience needed. You will be warmly welcomed to all of your sessions from our coaches and other students. No matter if you want to be the next Ultimate Fighter or just want to learn the skills for personal reasons like stress relief, learn something new or get in great shape - this one is for you. Classes are coed and you will meet many new friends.

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CHILDREN & YOUTH PROGRAMS - Victory Kids Karate Curriculum was created with RESULTS in mind.Not only will your child learn practical Self Defense techniques from our Anti Abduction modules, they will also learn the sports aspects like Judo, wrestling & Boxing that teaches them techniques to handle a BULLY.

Primarily first by verbal deescalation. But, if attacked they will know what to do and how far to take it.

That’s just the physical aspect of the class, what our parents are really excited about is our MAT CHATS!

In each training lesson we teach Mat Chats at the end of every class that discuss two Main Areas – Character Development and Personal Safety. Great discussion tool for the whole family!Your child will know and understand WHEN to use Self Defense

and also know HOW to handle an aggressive bully first by VERBAL anti aggression techniques

Empower your child with SHARP FOCUS, SELF DISCIPLINE to do the things they need to do on their own and MENTAL TOUGHNESS to see things through even when its’s hard!

The Victory MMA Plainfield Competition Team is for those desiring to be a professional mma athlete. Most students start training to get lean & fit in a fun. You learn to protect themselves and the ones they love. Fitness, Self Protection and great habits are all things that training classes at Victory help adults with.


If you are looking for effective results-based training gyms, then we invite you to talk with one of our program directors and take advantage of our 14-Day, Risk Free Beginners Trial for any of the courses we offer!

Victory Martial Arts Plainfield

Victory Martial Arts Plainfield
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Victory Martial Arts Plainfield