David Randel, Self Defense Instructor Since 1990

Now based in San Antonio, Texas (Via NYC)


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No injuries in over 25 years of teaching.

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Cell: David Randel 84five 75zero 585nine

(440 Studios, NYC, 2009)

David Randel, Self Defense Instructor Since 1990,




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I teach personalized, high level, brand X, martial arts through an empirical learning method. The training is not brutal. If you've ever wanted to learn martial arts or self defense then I have something very different and better for self protection to show you. Though the majority of my clients have been achievers and people interested in personal growth, I have also taught Police, SWAT Members, Military Personnel, Federal Agents, Bouncers, Bodyguards, and others who must physically deal with people in order to be safe in their professions. You will learn quickly how to protect yourself or your family should you ever need to. If you stay with training for a while, you will learn some interesting body mechanics and movement and take your self defense practice to an artful level.


John C. Perkins, (John Perkins), Member of ICMAF, Founder and Grand Master of Ki Chuan Do (Now Known as Guided Chaos), Author of book Attack Proof.

[JOHN PERKINS PHOTO TO LEFT]David Randel trained under John Perkins as a direct student from 1989-2011. Grand Master Perkins is a Member of theInternational Combat Martial Arts Federation (I.C.M.A.F.) Author of best selling Attack Proof book.Founder of the martial art Ki Chuan DoFor more information about John Perkins and his martial art, now known as Guided Chaos, please see his bio at AttackProof.com

David Randel's Classes Locations:

New, in San Antonio!!!Have been training and teaching in the NYC and Greater NY Area for more than 25 years.

Let's meet up. Been here since July and just getting settled. I'm looking for opportunities to teach here. Contact me: martialadvantage @ gmail .com (remove spaces)

Founder of Brands:

Martial Advantage™

Martial Advantage was established in 2010 to represent the training I offer beyond my local area and seminar training. Now the main heading I use for all my training instruction, since August 2016, with my move to San Antonio, Texas.


Slow Fight was established in 2010 to represent a training I instruct that helps develop automatic responses through a safer yet uncooperative two or more person practice.

AKA Training™

AKA Training is part of the philosophy from which I teach. Martial Arts Training is not only about combat or exercise. It is a diagnostic tool for self improvement. We carry information from our Awareness, or becoming aware, to and through learning and developing Knowledge to become more able -- having Ability. I find Martial Arts to be an excellent arena for self discovery. Established in 2016.


Martial NYC was a brand developed for my training instruction from various schools in NYC in 2010, and now is not currently used. Now based in San Antonio, Texas.


Grand Master / Founder of the Attack Proof and Guided Chaos systems.

David Randel Jr. has been a non-stop powerhouse of energy and inspiration in the Attack Proof system. He has worked with me directly as an instructor in my regular, advanced, police and military classes. His practical knowledge of fighting came from years of experience as a nightclub security expert where he has had a number of serious violent armed and unarmed altercations that he has controlled with no permanent injury to the clientele. David has also worked with me personally on a number of sensitive bodyguard assignments and performed admirably. I consider him to be an excellent instructor in the art of Ki Chuan Do and Close Quarters Combat.

John C. Perkins

(Endorsement from September 2002, Upon beginning the Full Life Health and Self Defense Center in Queens, NY)

Dave holds the rank of 4th degree black belt in Ki Chuan Do. He knows how to teach and has had some real world experience. I began training Dave at the age of 18. Lots of information there. Take advantage if you can. You will not be disappointed.

John C. Perkins

(August 2016, Upon my relocation to San Antonio, Texas)


To Whom It May Concern:

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for David Randel Jr. I have known David for over 20 years as a student and then subsequently as a teacher of Close Combat.

David is extremely dedicated to training in the art of combat and defense and undoubtingly a Master in his own right. He is committed to continuing his own personal development in the art as to better prepare those who entrust their learning to him. David and I had the privilege of traveling overseas to train military and police. It is undeniable, David’s expertise lies in real world application of the art.

When I had the honor of instructing David, he was a student who was comfortable in asking questions, not to impress, but rather to truly gain an understanding. He was respectful and accepted constructive criticism and feedback openly. It was evident that David had leadership qualities.

As a teacher, I have firsthand witnessed David effortlessly act unselfishly while instructing his students. He would even go as far as to put himself in harm’s way to enrich learning.

David Randel Jr. is a man of integrity, a man who teaches and leads by example. It is without hesitation that I recommend David Randel Jr. to teach Close Combat. Giving him the opportunity to share his passion and dedication to the art will only benefit your organization. If you need further information please feel free to contact me.


Master Michael Watson

(July 20, 2016)

(Ljubljana 2009 European Seminar Team)


Dave Randel, is a very knowledgeable and dedicated self defense instructor. When I first started studying Guided Chaos, Dave was one of my teachers. He was great in his ability to transfer his knowledge to those of us that he was teaching. His patience with us was a virtue and led to our ability to grasp the concepts in a timely basis. Dave's experience in security was helpful in his teaching methods. His experience with GM Perkins of the Guided Chaos System led to his ability to not waste students time with techniques, while pretty looking, but would never work in the street which is a failure of many of the more popular self defense systems.

If you are searching for an instructor that will teach you defenses that will give you a realistic chance to survive an attack on you or your love ones, don't walk but run to one of Dave Randel classes and sign up for simplified and effective and realistic methods of self defense that you will not find anywhere else in the San Antonio area

Kevin H

5th Degree Master, Guided Chaos Instructor


My Lessons With The Masters

(Excerpted From: http://attackproof.blogspot.com/2008/10/my-lessons-with-masters.html)

I recently (finally!) began to take private lessons with David Randel (see his website, davidrandeljr.com), a 4th Degree Black Belt in Guided Chaos and one of the most active instructors in John Perkins' organization. Very glad that I did!

What stands out most about Dave is his surprising gentleness and patience as a teacher, given his initially intimidating presence and rough background. He's a big guy, and he's had lots of brutal fighting experience in the Bronx (where he grew up), overseas, and in his bouncing and security career in some rather unsavory places. When he teaches, however, he explains things very clearly and patiently, and keeps the violence all around your body, rather than inside it. There can be no doubt about the power he can generate as you see and feel him move (extremely fluidly), but he doesn't do any more to you than is necessary to give you the impression of how you can do it too. I get the feeling when taking a lesson from Dave that he really enjoys sharing the art he loves with people who appreciate it.

Ari Kandel

4th Degree Guided Chaos Instructor



If you believe you have a responsibility to make it home to your family and your serious about self-defense. Do yourself and your family a favor. Train with Dave Randel. Dave's martial skills are beyond description. Give him 5 minutes and you will know what I am talking about. He teaches practical street survival skills, not sport fighting, and he teaches well. I have dealt with many instructors through out my Military and Law-Enforcement careers and I find Dave to be one of the best. I have personally have done one on one training with him and I consider it some of the most valuable training I have ever received.

Michael G.



Mr. David Randel Jr. is / was my primary instructor and mentor during physically and psychologically arduous training in KCD (Ki Chuan Do, John Perkins Martial Art, Now Known as Guided Chaos). What is most impressive is David's ability to calibrate his communication and teaching style to any audience or student. I was able to progress very rapidly earning a 1st degree black belt ranking in just about 12 months while the average practitioner of the KCD discipline typically takes 24 to 36 months. I owe much of that to Mr. Randel's tutelage. The lessons received in the time I have worked with Mr. Randel are deeply programmed into my personal expression of martial / combative arts. Prior to training with Mr. Randel I was an avid practitioner in the Philipino martial arts, particularly Panantukan. My all around ability in Panantukan and KCD leave me extremely confident in my ability to protect my team, my family and myself.

SFC Dennis W 10th SFG(A)


I first met Dave in 2002 during one of my first classes given by Grand Master John Perkins. Master Perkins was giving instructions to a group of about 40 students who were gathered in a circle. I then noticed a guy, who turned out to be Dave, balancing himself effortlessly on a medicine ball. I had the honor of learning from Master Perkins and his instructors, including Dave over the next 14 years. From the first time you trained with Dave, you could feel the power and balance he had. Dave always would take the time to explain the principles of Master Perkins. As a retired NYPD Sergeant, I would highly recommend Dave as an instructor to any law enforcement or military personnel who has to deal with hand to hand life threatening situations. I know I am better prepared to protect myself and my family if needed

Brian K.

(At Guided Chaos Headquarters in Elmsford, NY, 2016)


Dave's knowledge and ability in martial arts instruction is equally met with his patience and kindness. Dave presents not only physical instruction but also mental preparedness and emotional training to help develop real ability to be effective in violent street fighting encounters.

John H.

"World Leader in Trend Forecasting"

To whom it may concern:

I have known, trained and taught Close Combat with David Randel for over 20 years. For several of those years I had my own school and David was my master instructor. In addition, David was an employee at the Trends Research Institute.

As a practitioner of Close Combat (www.attackproof.com) David Randel’s fighting and teaching skills are of the highest order. His knowledge, temperament and personal connection with each student helps them rapidly grasp the fundamental of the art while giving them the confidence to commit to the learning process.

I highly recommend Mr. Randel as a close combat instructor, in addition, the Trends Research Institute has employed his services when in need of security personnel for both crowd control and high level personal security.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Gerald Celente

Publisher of Trends Journal - TrendsJournal.com

(David Randel with Former Presidential Candidate, Ralph Nader, Kingston 2016)


Over the course of my life, I have trained in a number of martial arts styles. When I finally started training in the style that Dave Randel teaches... my eyes were opened for good. Dave and others helped me strip away much of the useless martial arts baggage, and focus on what works... what is real. As an instructor, Dave brings his years of training, his extensive knowledge of the human body and biomechanics, and hands on experience to the class. Training with Dave will show you the way to more effective self defense.

Howard Mackie

Writer (Spider-Man, Ghost Rider, X-Men, Batman, and many others)


I highly recommend Dave Randel, he is a knowledgeable and dedicated martial artist and instructor. When I began my training in Ki Chuan Do (now Guided Chaos), Dave Randel was one of the senior students in class that helped develop my foundation in GC. His deep understanding of martial arts and his ability to articulate and demonstrate concepts to his students sets him apart from other instructors. His background in teaching reality based martial arts combined with his real world experience as a bouncer, etc., gives him special insight when teaching. He is open to exploring ideas and creative in developing unique training devices to enhance your training. Most importantly, he is never satisfied with his own abilities and continues to seek counsel from his mentors. I highly recommend him to advance or develop your martial arts training.

Andre DeVeaux

4th Degree Guided Chaos


I became acquainted about Guided Chaos (Formerly known as KCD) from Ari Kandel and Al Tino at Columbia University many years ago.

What I like about the system specifically is that you don't have to be athletic (ie. young) to become good at it, it is based on body mechanics, it conserves energy, it is based on principals as opposed to stylized moves such as balance, looseness, sensitivity, body unity etc., and is easy to learn and remember exactly because it lacks specific moves. A fight is chaos and trying to bring order to a chaotic situation, you either have to be a master making a living out of martial arts or be a real prodigy.

If I miss a few months of training in Brazilian Ju Jitsu, I get beaten up from beginner while belts, while I feel if I get back to Dave's class after years of absence, I still feel I remember the movements, just because it is something innate to the way I move either way, so its easy to catch up with or start from where I left off.

Furthermore, I feel the non-cooperative manner in which David starts teaching people is invaluable, as it teaches the subconscious the reality of fighting and self defense situations quickly. The last thing I am impressed with is that after only a couple of hours, I can actually use some principals in a real fight as opposed to everything else (even Krav Maga, Systema etc.) where you need years of training to apply the least.

Also, the lack of injuries (very common in BJJ, Judo etc.) is definitely a plus. Finally, you can bring the concepts of he teaches to all other martial arts and improve your game irrespective of what martial art it is.

Needless to say, I fully recommend David Randel as a self defense instructor and I believe he is a gifted, really advanced, patient, and competent master of his craft.

Methodios Validis


Over the last 15 years directly under the instruction of John C Perkins, Founder, I have grown through the ranks of Ki Chuan Do, side by side with Dave. He has overcome obstacles and put forth tremendous effort to become the superb practitioner & effective instructor that he is today. Simply having knowledge or skill does not make someone a good teacher. To be a good teacher it takes a little something special. David Randel Jr. has that special something and I support all of his endeavors as a teacher / instructor of self defense, protection & security.

Gavin Pirell

Certified Earth Science Teacher NYS

3rd Degree Instructor KCD

3rd Degree Instructor Close Combat





David Randel, Self Defense Instructor Since 1990


Not all classes, courses, seminars, training and the like are designed the same or for any individual or group.

YOU or YOUR GROUP may need specific parts or focused areas to train in.

My ongoing classes are free from form, but WE can identify your needs and I can present my recommendations and confine duration or adjust for audience comfort and skill development areas to suit you better.


Developing awareness, protocols and tactics for handling emergency engagements.

Readiness, Scanning and Identifying, Moving Marks, Environmental Keys, Using and Reading Body Language, Dangerous Proximity, Verbal Command, Eliminating Conflict Confusion, Safer Locations, Team Communication, Combat Priorities, Aftermath

Learning or relearning basic close combat strikes, where and how to hit.

Hidden Defensive Postures, Close Combat Striking, Hand Shapes, Kicks, Developing Power and Depth, Dumbing Down, Grabs and Locks, Breaks and Destructs, Soft Targets, Advantageous Positions, Refined Technique

Developing real world martial ability, balance and automatic responses to potentially deadly attack.

Immediate Balance, Target Location, Conditioning Responses, Efficient Movement, Causing Damage, Mobility Development, Two Attackers, Three or More Attackers, Getting to Your Weapon, Weapons Use Concepts Including Gun, Knife, Stick or Found Weapons, Right Mind

Winning and getting home safely from the worst of violent encounters through methodology, psychology, and dealing with emotional stress.

Pre-Emptive Strike, Vital Strikes, Crushes - Gouges - Rips, Neck Manipulations and Breaks, Repeating Attacks, Avoidance of Force, Eliminating 'Grey' Messages, Self Preservation Mindset, Checking for Wounds, Immediately Initiating Healing, Pre-Conflict Mental Rehearsal, Developing Compassion and Understanding, Developing Self Knowledge

Developing tactile sensitivity and moving away from the thinking mind into autopilot for combat purposes.

Introduction to Internal Martial Arts, Learning to Adjust to Pressure and Perception and Possibility, Finding Personal Strengths and Weaknesses, Engaging the Moving and Instinctive Processing Centers of the Body or Pre-Thought Movement

Learning safer training exercises for independent or uninstructed personal development of skills.

Heavy Bag -- Foam Shield and Focus Mitt Exercises, Two and Three Person Uncooperative Practice, Increasing Limitations, Connective Tissue Development, Introduction to Meditative Practice for Combat, Introduction to Understanding Natural Laws and Utilizing That Comprehension

Email Contact: Martial Advantage

Cell: David Randel 84five 75zero 585nine

(Business Card Shot, David Randel Jr., 2016, by Cabane Studios)

What is Tai Chi?

That is a big question... For our purposes; a martial art that provides tactile sensitivity for feeling change in combat or in combat practice and comes with some philosophical understanding of how natural energy works. It is said that as a Martial Art, Tai Chi takes two lifetimes to learn, but we will only be borrowing concepts from this genre. You will need an answer in moments someone else is stronger than you...

What is Close Combat?

WWII Combatives Training was introduced to American Soldiers in the 1930's to be able to learn quickly and be able to defeat other soldiers who were trained martial artists. True, Close Combat lineage came through William E. Fairbairn and Eric A. Sykes as the first occidentals to receive black belts in Japanese JuiJitsu. There is a lot of history behind its usage and lineage and if you find it interesting, please do some research. You can begin at the CIA website linked here https://www.cia.gov/news-information/featured-story-archive/fairbairn-sykes-oss-stiletto.html. Incidentally, the now popular reality based self defense training known as Krav Maga was designed from this Close Combat training base.




No injuries in over 25 years of teaching.

David Randel, Self Defense Instructor Since 1990

4th Degree Close Combat

4th Degree KCD - (Ki Chuan Do*)

(*John Perkins Self Defense, Attack Proof, KCD - Ki Chuan Do, now known as Guided Chaos, for more information see AttackProof.com)

Email Contact: Martial Advantage

Cell: David Randel 84five 75zero 585nine