The Simple Four
An Information Problem-Solving Model

"Learning about an issue through the independent seeking and use of information puts high demands on students' abilities to identify problems, find relevant information, critically evaluate and analyze material from various sources and construct a presentation carrying meaning about the matter at hand."                               In the shade of the knowledge society and the importance of information literacy,    Mikael Alexandersson & Louise Limberg

Overview of the Simple Four.doc

IL and the Simple 4.doc

SC K-12 ICT Scope and Sequence (aligns the Simple Four with information literacy and technology skills)

Need Help With Search Engines? (Helps students answer the questions "What do you need to find?" and "What's the best online search engine to use?"

Student Behavior During Each Step of the Simple Four

Suggested Student Final Projects.doc

Skills Guide (What information literacy and technology skills do students need?)

The Simple Four Online Search Strategies

The Simple Four: A PowerPoint Presentation

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