2009 Summer Reading Program  

The purpose of No Book Left Unread is to encourage students to read for fun and recreation during the summer months, to encourage self-selected reading without worry about reading levels, Lexiles, or assessment.


Those [students] who live in a print-rich environment did better overall on tests of history and literature, and there was a clear relationship between the amount of reported leisure reading and performance on the literature test.

-Stephen Krashen

Emeritus Professor of Education, University of Southern California

Our goal was 16,000,000 pages.

We read 31,954,924 pages!
(That's double what we read last summer!)


300 Schools, representing 62 districts, participated in the 2009 NBLU Summer Reading Program. We had 14,938 students and 2,913 faculty/staff members participate.

Awards to the Reader Leader Schools, Students, and Faculty/Staff Members will be presented at the SCASL Conference in March 2010.

Alphabetical listing by district of participating schools showing the total pages reported by school.

is sponsored by:

Follett Library Resources

The Reading Warehouse

The South Carolina Association of School Librarians

 SC Department of Education

Suggested Reading Lists

NBLU does not have a required reading list. However, student and adult participants may be interested in these suggested reading lists: