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SC Department of Education

     Martha Alewine has worked as the South Carolina Department of Education's Consultant for School Libraries since April 1998. Prior to joining the Department of Education she was a social studies teacher and a school library media specialist, working at all levels ( i.e., elementary, middle, and high school). As the state consultant for school libraries she has facilitated the development and implementation of the ADEPT professional standards for school library media specialists, an evaluation instrument specifically for library media specialists, school library media program standards, and standards for school library core resource collections.

      Martha holds a B.A. degree from Furman University and an MLS from the School of Library and Information Science, University of South Carolina. She is a regular contributor to the Media Center Messenger, the official publication of the South Carolina Association of School Librarians (SCASL), and presenter at various state conferences, such as EdTech, South Carolina's Technology Conference, the SCASL conference.

     As the state consultant for school libraries, Martha provides on-site assistance to schools and districts regarding their school libraries. Assistance takes many forms, such as regular staff development for media specialists, program and/or facility evaluation, professional personnel evaluation, grant writing and implementation assistance, review of plans for new/renovation library construction. In addition to on-site professional development sessions, Martha provides professional development in other ways (e.g., publication of the SLMS E-Newsmonthly reading activity calendars, ITV programming).

     For assistance with your library media programs or questions regarding school libraries, contact Martha by phone or by email (864-229-4230 or 


ADEPT for School Library Media Specialists

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