2009-2010 Reading Calendars

photo from http://www.sxc.hu

Beginning with the 2009-2010 Monthly Reading Calendars, we will be publishing two calendars per month, one for elementary students (grades K-5) and one for secondary students (grades 6-10. The elementary calendar will be denoted by an E and the secondary calendar by an S (example: September 2009 E and September 2009 S).

Elementary Calendars                         Secondary Calendars

September 2009E               September 2009S
    Applesauce Cinnamon Ornaments                            September Trivia Answers
      Summer Word Search

October 2009 E                  October 2009S
               October Trivia Answers

November 2009E                 November 2009S
                Making a Time Capsule           
                November Trivia Answers

December 2009E                December 2009S 

               December Reading Logs             
               December Trivia Answers

January 2010E                   January 2010S
               Memory Book Directions

February 2010E                 February 2010S
February Reading Logs

March 2010 E                    March 2010 S
                      March Reading Logs

April 2010 E                    April 2010 S

May 2010 E                      May 2010 S

June 2010 E                     June 2010 S

July 2010 E                     July 2010 S

August 2010 E                   August 2010 S